Putting Things Off Until A Tough Transit Is Over

My Neptune square Neptune article triggered a comment that expressed something everyone worries about, at some point: if you're in the middle of a transit that has the potential to muddle your judgement, should you hold off on making an important decision? Neptune transits can fill you with romantic delusions. Uranus transits can push you to make risky choices. And so on. But what if these transits coincide with the urge to get married, get divorced, start a new job or buy a house? Do you put off the decision until the transit is finished?

Astrologers warn you about certain transits, because it's our job to give you a heads up. But even the most difficult transits don't necessarily spell disaster and unwise choices. You must look at your chart, and all the other transits and progressions that are hitting it at the same time as Big Bad Transit X. If you're in a relationship (or starting a relationship) you must look at the synastry and composite chart between you and your partner. Only then will you have an idea how you'll be impacted, or if your decision is a good one.

What's happening in your chart, or in the charts between you and another, is the main story. A difficult transit will influence you, but it will not change the existing potential of your chart, or of a relationship. When relationships fall apart under tough transits, there were cracks to begin with. When you make a self-destructive choice under a tough transit, the potential was already there.