Sugared Steel: Transiting Venus in Libra

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Venus (love, resources, self-esteem) moves into relationship-oriented Libra, the sign that she rules.  This is where she's most competitive.

Yes, you read that correctly. Venus in Libra is competitive. Even though she opposes aggressive Aries, they're on the same axis. This means the objective of both signs (winning) is the same, but approached in different ways.

Venus in Libra compares herself to others. She subtly modifies her behaviour according to their reactions (which makes her a social artist). But she also takes note of what they have (in love and money). She is intensely relationship-oriented, not happy unless she has a partner. If you don't believe she's competitive, try messing with the lover of someone who has natal Venus in Libra. Or check them out when they're in full-on flirt mode. Relationships are her battle ground, and she fights with a steel fist sheathed in a velvet glove. Despite her people-pleaser rep, this lady is no pushover. Libra is a Cardinal sign (an initiator) and Venus in Libra wants to be first (on the social scene, and in the eyes of her partner).

This planet/sign combination has a pass- agg rep (and she can be frustratingly indirect when she doesn't own her displeasure). But she's also a social maestro, able to deliver "adjustments" to those who are disrespectful. She doesn't bludgeon like Aries. Rather, she makes a delicate but painful cut.

As Venus transits this sign until September 11, she'll be sweetening the area of your chart occupied by Libra. Harmony with others should come easier, but you'll be missing the point if you simply focus on keeping things nice and pretty. Consider how you're competitive (in this area) and how you can balance your values/self-esteem/relationships with the urge to come out ahead. The competitive drive is there, it's just sprinkled with sugar.

Venus will be hitting Pluto in Capricorn/Jupiter in Cancer with aggravated squares, and feeling a rude opposition from Uranus in Aries in a week or so. I'll write another post on these aspects in a couple of days.