Transiting Venus in Libra Gets Real

I discussed transiting Venus in Libra here. Now, here's some info on the doozy aspects that she'll be hit with.

From August 21st to August 24th, Venus will experience a rough square from Pluto (retrograde) at 9 degrees Capricorn. Pluto digs, and unearths the messy stuff. Venus in Libra likes to maintain appearances. For these few days, it's going to be impossible to maintain appearances. Get ready to look at her Shadow; superficiality, passive-aggressiveness, jealousy. Not pretty, but Pluto always brings up what needs to be confronted. And this is a short influence. A few days of discomfort, and you're done (with Pluto).

Ah, but then. Then there's the jarring opposition to Uranus (retrograde) at 11 degrees Aries, from August 24th to August 26th. After the Shadow is revealed, Uranus will ensure the hard light of clarity is thrown on it. Time to confront. Uranus in Aries is about brutal honesty. You won't be able to gloss over anything. You'll have to own your jealousy/resentment/competitiveness/co-dependence, or whatever Venus in Libra issues come up. Alternatively, you simply may not get something you want (or that something will be disrupted).

This one-two, Pluto/Uranus punch is going to be uncomfortable. But you know how to get through it? Just be honest (with yourself and others). Own your Venus issues (money, beauty, social position, relationships, self-esteem). Be real about whatever comes up.

The good news? There's some sugar on the way, when Venus squares Jupiter (optimism) in Cancer. I'll write about that next.

If you have planets/angles from 8-12 degrees Libra, Capricorn or Aries, you'll feel the Uranus/Pluto aspects most strongly.