Full Moon in Pisces: Faith in the Event Horizon

There's a Full Moon (culmination) at 26 degrees Pisces, on September 19th. It will hit one day after the exact conjunction between Venus, Saturn and North Node in Scorpio. It will be an event horizon (point of no return), saturated with the energy of completion.

The impact of the NN conjunction in Scorpio will leak over into the Full Moon. This will be a time of major results and endings. The Scorpio area of your chart is where you'll be confronted with the outcome of the work you've been doing (or haven't been doing). The Pisces area is where you'll notice the transition from one chapter to the next.

Fortunately, Pisces (dreams and transcendence) dissolves when it lets go, rather than dropping the guillotine. There's potential for more after the conclusion (Pisces is boundary-less). Bumping up this energy of possibility will be an enthusiastic square between Mercury (in Libra) and Jupiter (in Cancer), exact on the same day. Ideas (Mercury) will be expanded (Jupiter). Communication will be optimistic. As always with squares to Jupiter, you need to be cautious of big promises. But combined with this open ended Full Moon, the feeling is hopeful.

Whether you experience a reward or ending, the next chapter is looking good.

Themes for this Full Moon (remembering that it will oppose the Sun in Virgo):

  • Sacrificing something and ending up with a better deal
  • Releasing pain and encountering optimism
  • Getting rewarded for your service
  • Witnessing the acceleration of your dream

If you have planets/angles from 25-26 degrees Virgo, Pisces, Sagittarius or Gemini, you'll feel this Full Moon most strongly.