Horoscopes for September 15th to September 22nd


Picture by Arthur Rackham


September 15th to 18th features a conjunction between transiting Venus (love, money, values), Saturn (authority and rules) and the North Node (a marker for future potential). This pivotal influence may be related to what happened around October 25th, 2012. It could mark a conclusion to what started then, or a last chance to deal with that issue. For those of you who have been focusing on your objectives and doing the required work, this influence could bring significant, Venus-themed rewards. On September 19th, the Full Moon in Pisces continues the theme of culminations and endings. Watch for major shifts that will involve release; trying to hang onto an old status or scenario will be impossible. But the beauty of a Pisces Full Moon is that acceptance leads to new, unlimited possibilities.


Venus, Saturn and the North Node join forces in your sector of shared resources. Watch for a final payment, result or moment of truth involving debts, taxes, loans, inheritances or your partner's finances.  Regarding physical/emotional intimacy, there could be a realization about boundaries (yours or your partner's) or the manifestation of a more serious involvement/profound connection (but this will be a direct result of previous efforts you have made). The Full Moon in your sector of hidden things can illuminate a private dream, secret or unacknowledged health/work issue. Even if you're the only one who sees what comes to light, external realities versus internal energies will be the theme.


Venus, Saturn and the North Node in your relationship sector present a now or never moment. A major commitment (engagement/marriage) is a possibility, but so is a reality check resulting in an ending. It all depends on what direction "forward" (in your love life) means to you. If you're single, this could mark a fated meeting (possibly through friends or associates)with a future partner. Single or attached, the signals will be unmistakable. The Full Moon in your social sector can mark a turning point in your group, or your relationship to the group. If an association dissolves, this will simply free you up to pursue a personal goal or ideal.


Venus, Saturn and the North Node meet in your sector of work and health. The conclusion to, or result of, a health issue is possible, as is the finalization of a work issue or task. Whether it's work, health or obligations, your commitment to future results will be an issue. If you've been avoiding something, you'll be confronted with it. Alternatively, if you've been focusing your efforts in productive ways, this could be your payoff. The Full Moon in your career sector can signal a job change or public results (involving status or issues with management) of a private matter. This Moon could see you stepping up onto the next rung of the ladder, but much depends on how much effort you've already put into climbing.


Venus, Saturn and the North Node can present the results of efforts you've focused on a deeply desired, personal goal (involving a child, creative project or new romance). There could be an answer, but whether it's favourable or not depends on how seriously you've been taking your personal desires. Whether you receive a "Yes" or "No", know that you're meant to keep focusing, and working on, more developments in this area.  The Full Moon in your opportunities sector can bring results involving long distance travel, education, legal matters or publishing. There could be an official launch/graduation/certification, or a trip may end up being more pivotal than you realized.


Venus, Saturn and the North Node line up in your domestic sector, signalling an ultimatum (with a family member) or change in boundaries/exchange of power. There may be a solidification of a domestic situation, or a finish line will be crossed, but it will all be part of your increased responsibilities at home. Consider how your new obligations can help you construct a home life that is different from the one you grew up with. The Full Moon hits your sector of shared resources, indicating a peak, and then intense release, of fears/anxieties related to intimacy or finances (debts, taxes, loans, inheritances, your partner's finances). This Moon could also mark a turning point in finances, or the final payment of a debt.


Venus, Saturn and the North Node in your communication sector can mark a final statement, agreement or signing of a document. There's a sense of the absolute with this one, so make sure your answer reflects what you're prepared to live with. Alternatively, you can use this energy to make a profound impact with your words, so choose them wisely. The Full Moon in your partnership sector suggests a relationship turning point; a commitment, ending or shift in status. Whatever the result, it will have been building previously. If you're looking to propose marriage or solidify a partnership, this could be the ideal time.


Venus (your ruler), Saturn and the North Node activate your sector of personal resources, suggesting a possible pay increase (or lead on increased earnings). However, know that any increase will be the result of your previous efforts and discipline. Otherwise, this influence could be a reality check on what you've been spending/earning. Either way, it's pointing you towards a future where your values/resources become more defined, and reflect a deeper level of satisfaction. The Full Moon in your sector of work and health can show you the reality of what you've been avoiding, or working towards. A health issue could peak, or a work situation could come to a head. Hidden issues could spill out into the open.


It's destiny time, as Venus, Saturn and the transiting North Node meet in your sign. Watch for a conclusion, confirmation or no-going-back moment. You'll know what direction you're supposed to move in (forward) and what your next step should be. The clarity of this influence will be unmistakable. Much will depend on how you've been working with Saturn in your sign. What have you been focusing on? Have you taken responsibility for the energy you've been putting out? It all comes home to roost now. The Full Moon in your sector of self-expression can mark a creative/romantic high point, or the manifestation of a deeply desired potential. If there'a an ending, know that you're releasing something/someone that has no place in the new regime that transiting Saturn has been building for you.


Venus, Saturn and the North Node join up in your hidden sector, indicating a private conclusion or decision. This could involve what must be done to make a dream real, or the realization of why a dream won't happen. This background reality check will also involve the release of a major part of your past. If you had any doubts about what needed to be done to start your next chapter, this influence will remove them. The Full Moon hits your domestic sector, suggesting a relocation or other major change in your home environment. Alternatively, you could see the fruition of a future goal or drive for status/recognition/respect. Whether it's an external or internal change, you'll feel this Moon on a deeply personal level.


Venus, Saturn (your ruler) and the North Node in your social sector indicate a public achievement, increased recognition or the cementing of your status (as someone with authority) within the collective. Of course, any achievements will be based on your previous hard work and focus; this could be the payoff you've been looking for. However, if haven't bothered to try, or have allowed fears/negativity to limit your efforts, this influence could deliver a reminder of what's not available.  The Full Moon in your communication sector could deliver an answer, turning-point conversation or push you to make a decision about how far you to want to go with something/someone.


Venus, Saturn and the North Node deliver a career reward, in the guise of a promotion, new title or increased respect from management. For some Aquarians, this influence could mark your advancement into a managerial role. Whatever you reap will be based on the effort you've put into your career over the past few years. For some, a pivotal relationship (romantic or professional) could be begin. The Full Moon occurs in your security sector, suggesting a financial/emotional reward or turning point. Either way, the emphasis will be on spiritual satisfaction, or the knowledge that you're on the right path, rather than material abundance.


Venus, Saturn and the North Node in your opportunities sector indicate results or a concrete plan regarding long distance travel, education, legal matters or publishing. Whatever distant goals you've been working towards can now reach a moment of achievement. For some Pisces, this could mark a graduation or official certification of your new status as teacher/mentor. The Full Moon in your sign continues the theme of culmination as one chapter ends, and a significant new one begins. A change in relationship status, new career or new lifestyle are all possibilities.