Horoscopes for September 1st to September 8th


The New Moon in perfectionist Virgo happens on September 5th, and it will be opposing Chiron (Wounded Healer) in Pisces. What starts will revolve around what's missing, incomplete, wrong, broken or not quite good enough. Detail-driven Virgo can provide practical improvement and vital solutions, but there will also be a temptation to slide into blame and guilt. The best approach will be to focus on Chiron's healing aspect, and let go (Pisces) of the worries (Virgo) that are keeping you stuck in a painful place. New Moons are fresh starts, so forward is the only way to go. Fortunately, optimistic Jupiter in Cancer will add a supportive sextile to the mix, offering help and nurturing where you need it most.


The New Moon takes place in your sector of daily routine, hi-lighting work tasks, obligations or health matters. The opposition to Chiron in your sector of secrets suggests the reveal of a hidden medical issue (physical or mental), or resentments/inferiority (from yourself or others) about what needs to get done. However, amongst the onerous details will lie a fix, or potential for healing. Whether this involves just doing the work, or actively looking for ways to improve the situation, this Moon can herald the start of a solution. Consider how not putting yourself first can benefit you, and others.  Jupiter's sextile offers support from family, or someone from the past.


The New Moon in your sector of self-expression can introduce a new romance, creative project or personal goal. But the opposition to Chiron in your social sector indicates that what's positive for you may contrast with what others perceive. Whether this new potential arouses feelings of inadequacy with a friend, or you find yourself doubting that you're capable of achieving something (because of what others have suggested) know that the key lies in having faith in your dreams, and then backing that faith up with work. Release your worries (along with comparisons to others) and focus on the next step in front of you. This New Moon forms a supportive trine with your sign, so moving forward at your usual pace (deliberate) will enable some positive developments. Jupiter's sextile indicates that you may receive hopeful news that furthers your agenda, or that reaching out to others (via email or conversations) will give you what you need.


The New Moon in your domestic sector opposes Chiron in your career sector, creating tension between new developments at home (a home business, relocation or family member) and your public status or career goals. What begins in your private life may make you aware of what's missing in your professional life, or it may force you to look at how you deal with professional doubts. This could also set up a scenario where a seemingly impossible choice has to be made between career and home. Solutions lie in how you tackle your domestic obligations, while letting go of the concept that you've somehow failed in a professional area. For some, this might be the final push that encourages the start of a home business. Extra help will come from Jupiter in the form of a financial bonus or increase in emotional security; you'll have all the resources you need to work with.


The New Moon in your communication sector opposes Chiron in your sector of opportunities. A message, introduction, bit of information or new idea may feel too good to be true. Should you allow yourself to hope, or reach out further than you have before? The more room you make for hope, the more room there is for pain. But you can't limit yourself because of fears of what might happen. There's a promise here of something that can carry you far; you just need to have faith (even if that takes you outside your comfort zone). Fortunately, Jupiter in your sign will give you that extra spurt of faith and confidence. There's some protective energy on your side, so don't hesitate to use it.


The New Moon in your security sector opposes Chiron in your sector of shared resources. A new financial/emotional development may involve opening yourself up, or giving up more control than you normally do. Shared resources (intimacy, debts, loans, taxes or your partner's finances) can be sore spots. While practical panning can help, micromanaging in an effort to make yourself feel more secure will not help. Do what you can, then give yourself permission to let go of the wheel and allow someone else to take over. Jupiter's influence will act as a "guardian angle", or unseen source of background support.


The New Moon in your sign opposes Chiron in your relationship sector. New beginnings, in a new or existing relationship, can feel risky. Yes, there's potential for you to get hurt. But there's also potential for you and your partner to achieve a new level of trust. There is no map or guarantee for this one, so you'll have to take that leap of faith and trust that putting your heart out there will ultimately be ok. Rather than dwelling on everything that could possibly go wrong, try making a list of things that could go right. Jupiter's help can arrive from friends, group associations or even the general public. If you focus on the positive, you'll become aware of how much others think of you.


The New Moon in your hidden sector opposes Chiron in your sector of health and routine. A medical issue, or difficulty involving work/obligations/sacrifice may emerge, although the trigger won't be obvious. Information may be hidden or secret, and you'll have to look at underlying causes (what you see on the surface will only be the tip of the iceberg). Also, watch for overlooked details; this my be something you're avoiding (because it's too unpleasant) or you miss it because it's not obvious. Jupiter can bring a promising development regarding career or public reputation, which could be just what you need to push forward.


The New Moon in your social sector opposes Chiron in your sector of self-expression. A new development/introduction (with friends or groups) can hi-light your doubts or perceived inadequacies about a romance, creative project or personal goal. What do they have that you haven't got? Only as much as you give them. It might help to look at the facts; everyone out there suffers in some way, or feels less than another person in some area. Keeping working on what feels precious to you. Jupiter reaches out from your opportunities sector, giving you a helpful nudge in the areas of long distance travel, education, publishing or legal matters


The New Moon in your career sector opposes Chiron in your domestic sector. A development on the job (a new task or piece of information) can draw your attention to a painful issue at home. You know how to get it done at work, but can you apply the same logic to the hurt feelings or family tension that won't go away? Not exactly, but you can take your cue from what's going on outside the home. The direction you should be moving in is "forward"; this Moon is pointing you towards your future. Release the old hurts (they're outdated, anyway) and don't allow them to undermine your future goals.  Jupiter can present you with a nice gift in the form of financial assistance, or good news around your partner's finances. Partnerships in general can provide emotional support on a deep level.


The New Moon in your opportunities sector opposes Chiron in your communications sector. New developments involving long distance travel, education, legal matters or publishing could trigger painful thoughts, doubts or a touchy conversation. Just because it seems to be out of your league doesn't mean that it actually is. Check your assumptions, then check the facts around what's occurring. No matter how far out of your comfort zone this is, look at how you can make it work for you. This New Moon forms a supportive trine to your sign, so approach it in the way you know how; no nonsense planning and discipline. Jupiter suggests that a one on one relationship (romantic or business) can give you an extra confidence boost, or make you aware that you can reach further than you thought.


The New Moon in your sector of shared resources opposes Chiron in your security sector. New information, documents or conversations about shared finances (debts, taxes, loans, your partner's finances) could trigger money worries. Alternatively, physical or emotional intimacy could leave you feeling vulnerable or unsure about what you should do next. Whether it's money or intimacy, your fears will be based on not having enough of something, for yourself. Before you shut down or give up, consider what you do have. It's possible that what you need to release are old definitions of what "enough" really means. Jupiter boosts your health, well being and energy levels, giving you the edge to deal with your worries.


The New Moon in your partnership sector opposes Chiron in your sign. A new romance or development in an existing relationship can hi-light personal insecurities, or old hurts related to past relationships. You may be tempted to make an escape, but first, consider if this new development is in any way different from what's happened in the past. Or maybe you're different. This is a new chapter, and Neptune in your sign has been writing a fresh story that's more in line with who you really are. Chiron is urging you to let go of the old hurts, because they have no place in your new world. Look to an uplifting flirtation, creative project or social event (courtesy of Jupiter) to expand your confidence and lighten the atmosphere.