Horoscopes for September 29th to October 6th


October 4th brings a New Moon at 11 degrees Libra, the sign of the balance. But this Moon will oppose Uranus retrograde (surprise and liberation) in Aries, and square Pluto (deep transformation) in Capricorn. New beginnings will be anything but balanced. Expect intense, sudden or surprising events that accelerate the Uranus/Pluto agenda of change. Libra energy can still be used, but rather than aiming for socially acceptable/pleasant at all costs, try for a flexible acceptance of change.


The New Moon in your relationship sector will accelerate all partnership (personal or business) issues. The opposition to Uranus in your sign, and the square to Pluto in your career sector, suggests that changes/fresh starts between you and another will reflect bigger transformations involving personal/professional status and image. How you relate to the outside world has been radically altered over the past year or so. It was only a matter of time before these events impacted your relationships. Issues of personal freedom and forward momentum will be critical.


The New Moon occurs in your sector of work and daily routine. Watch for new developments involving health, co-workers, daily tasks or duties to others. The opposition to Uranus (in your hidden sector) and the square to Pluto in your opportunities sector, indicates that events will be driven by your increasing recognition of how far you can reach, or what (more) you want for yourself.  A buildup of tension (physical or emotional), resentment or restlessness (possibly manifesting as illness) is a sign that it's time to push past a limit or take the next step forward out of your comfort zone.


The New Moon lights up your sector of self-expression, putting issues of creativity, appreciation, children or new romance in the spotlight. The opposition to Uranus (in your social sector) and the square to Pluto (in your sector of shared resources) indicates that changing group relations (or your newly emerging public profile) will drive your personal goals. Changes in financial status will also dictate what happens. There is an opportunity here for something special/successful to emerge, so even if externals seem to have more control than you do, keep focusing on what you want to happen.


The New Moon in your domestic sector opposes Uranus in your career sector, and squares Pluto in your partnership sector. New developments with home/family (a relocation, addition to the family, relationship decision) will involve an uneasy balance with your professional and love life. You've always known that personal and professional issues form a complex knot, so be prepared to use your instinctive knack for combining these areas. This Moon can propel you into a whole new chapter that features a new life status (marriage/moving in with a significant other/promotion/new career). This is also a good time to check if your external image reflects what's going on in your private life.


The New Moon in your communication sector indicates a crucial message, conversation, realization or piece of information. The opposition to Uranus in your sector of opportunities, and the square to Pluto in your sector of daily routine, suggests that what you hear/discover may have a revolutionary quality; be prepared to have your eyes opened. Decisions you make around this time will be pushed by the necessity of current, physical transformations in your immediate environment (health issues or changes to your work routine). Watch for a surprising solution to an ongoing problem; the key will be balancing your ideas with the reality of what's happening in your life. There are certain things you can't avoid, so try working with them rather than stubbornly denying their existence.


The New Moon lights up your security sector, triggering financial or emotional developments. The opposition to Uranus in your sector of shared resources, and Pluto in your sector of self-expression, indicates a chance to increase your income (or emotional satisfaction), but you'll have to be flexible. This energy could feel risky/unnerving, as you're pushed to take on/accept the unfamiliar. Whether it's a relationship change or chance to earn/charge more, consider how your changing awareness of what you own, what you need, what you share and what you're capable of, has been shaping your life. This is a risk versus reward scenario, but know that you're able to handle much than you think.


This potent New Moon in your sign opposes Uranus in your partnership sector, and squares Pluto in your domestic sector. Watch for a radical new beginning (which could encompass relationships, career, family, lifestyle or all four) that propels you into brand new territory. This may feel abrupt, but know that it's simply a distillation of the bigger changes that have been rumbling through your life over the past couple of years. Even if things start off on a less than harmonious note, it's ok. You'll regain your balance soon enough. This new, authentic chapter is about you honouring your personal desires while acknowledging that many of the old rules/scenarios need to be left behind.


The New Moon in your sector of secrets opposes Uranus in your sector of routine, and squares Pluto in your communication sector. What's hidden/unacknowledged could now come to light, perhaps do to your investigation. If you've been pushing for answers, you may receive more than you bargained for. Alternatively, someone may try to uncover what you've been holding back. Watch for revelations in the areas of health or work; co-worker relationships may be especially sensitive, so tread lightly.


The New Moon hi-lights your social sector, and is opposed by Uranus in your sector of self-expression, and squared by Pluto in your security sector. A new group affiliation, friendship or change in your social status will be directly connected to the need for honesty. This may be your desire to truly "be yourself" amongst others, or issues of authenticity amongst friends. Whether it's a new you on public display, or a push to clarify the nature of your relationships, you won't be satisfied with anything less than the real thing (even if this happens at the cost of some social niceties).


The New Moon in your career sector indicates a new job, change in position or introduction of a new goal. Professional changes will directly reflect your evolving capabilities/desires, and how far you've moved away from the past. For some Capricorns, this change may catch everyone (including you) by surprise. Public image/reputation may be impacted. The more abrupt the transition, the greater the need to align your future path with your current transformations. This Moon is all about moving forward, so let yourself accelerate.


The New Moon in your opportunities sector suggests developments involving long distance travel, education, legal matters or publishing. It opposes Uranus in your communication sector, and squares Pluto in your hidden sector, indicating a surprising/sudden piece of information (or clarification) about these areas. You may receive an answer/official acceptance. Alternatively, you could make an abrupt decision to relocate, travel or throw yourself into something new.


The New Moon in your sector of shared resources suggests a new chapter involving debts, taxes, loans, inheritances, or your partner's finances. It opposes Uranus (in your sector of personal resources) and squares Pluto in your social sector. Giving/taking/sharing/contributing will all be themes, and a sudden change in the status of your debts (or your partner's paycheque) are possibilities. Watch for a shift in the balance of power. These themes can also be applied to physical/emotional intimacy. This could be a tense influence that leaves you feeling insecure or out of control. Know that you do have a limited amount of influence (someone else may be calling the shots) but you can choose how to react. Events will reflect your increasing independence and liberation from how others think you "should" be living your life.