Hot Mess: Venus in Scorpio Trines Jupiter and Squares Mars

Venus in Scorpio has been busy. She had her moment of truth when she met up with Saturn and the North Node. But there's more to come...

From September 23rd to September 26th, she'll receive an expansive trine from Jupiter at 17 degrees Cancer. From September 23rd to September 28th, she'll be aggravated with a square from Mars at 19 degrees Leo. That's quite the combination of influences.

The trine from Jupiter (optimism) will pump up the intensity of Venus-ruled themes (love, money, values). People will attract more, but it won't be enough; they'll need (Cancer) more. At the same time, the square to Mars (action) will add an aggressive edge; Leo's confidence will clash with Scorpio's power. This could manifest as jealousy or obsessive pursuit, fuelled by a grandiose sense of entitlement.

So altogether, a hot mess. It will be difficult to pull back and play it cool, especially if there's someone/something you can't quite have. That will be the time to read this post on Scorpio and obsession. Or, you may be on the receiving end of someone's fixation.

But if you're happily involved, or you hook up with someone/something you want, this influence can be exciting and life-affirming. The tension of Mars square Venus heightens the awareness of desire, and being desired. Sexy, but it's also great for a shot of bravado and jumping into a project/new job where you need to shine.

If you have planets/angles from 16-19 degrees Scorpio, Cancer or Leo, you'll be right in the middle of this intensity.