Hot Stuff: Transiting Mars in Leo Trines Uranus in Aries

Remember my post about Mars' transit of Leo, and that crunchy square to Saturn?

The Saturn square finishes on September 9th, and then Mars will flow into a lively, liberating trine with Uranus retrograde at 11 degrees Aries (September 9th to 14th). Mars rules Aries, so there's extra oomph with this aspect. More courage (Mars) to take risks (Uranus). But this is a trine (harmonious) so you can put yourself out there (Leo) without crashing and burning.

The restrictions introduced by the square to Saturn may have some unexpected solutions/benefits. When Uranus is involved, there's a wildcard vibe. Maybe Door#1 was closed, but that allowed Door #1.5 to swing open and...surprise! That's where you really want to go. Sometimes you make plans until you're blue in the face, and things grind to a halt anyway. But a surprising benefit emerges.

Regardless of what went down during the Mars/Saturn square, the Mars/Uranus trine will be your time to splash some of your light around. And you all have some light; something you're proud of, something you're good at, something that makes you tingle when you contemplate it. Everyone has something. And Mars is activating it in the Leo section of your chart.

So get out there and show it off!

If you have planets/angles from 8-11 degrees Leo or Aries, you'll be on fire and ready to make full use of this influence.