Venus, Saturn and the North Node Meet in Scorpio

As requested, here's a post about the upcoming conjunction between Venus, Saturn and the transiting North Node in Scorpio.

Saturn is conjuncting the North Node (at 8 degrees Scorpio), from September 11th to 17th. Venus will join in from September 15th to 18th. The transiting North Node activates future potentials; the part of your chart that it's moving through is where you can reach forward. Here's a primer post on what the transiting NN in Scorpio means.

When it meets Saturn, it will be an intersection of the work you've been doing, with those future potentials. Saturn is all about results. The results of what you've been taking responsibility for, and what you've been focusing on. Or, what you've been ignoring/denying/repressing. You get results, either way. When Venus adds her energy to the mix, the outcomes will involve love, money or values. Some of you may get rewards, and some of you may get reality checks.

It completely depends on the work you've been doing since Saturn first entered Scorpio .

Think back to October 25th, 2012, give or take a few days. Transiting Mercury passed over the Scorpio NN, and the Sun and Saturn met up on the same day. Here's a post I wrote about it. The Saturn/NN theme began (even though they weren't conjunct), and what happened then may be carried forward to this, current influence. You may have to revisit, wrap up or deal with the consequences of the October 25th events.

If you can't recall anything of significance from back then, don't sweat it. The beauty of this triple conjunction is that there will be no doubt about what you should do (Scorpio is the sign that goes full-on in one direction only).

Those with planets/angles from 7-9 degrees Scorpio or Taurus will feel this influence most strongly.