Acceptance, Not Perfection: Transiting Mars in Virgo Opposes Chiron

Mars in Virgo is building towards an opposition with Chiron (Wounded Healer) at 9 degrees Pisces (exact on October 31st). And it's empowered by a trine to Pluto (at 9 degrees Capricorn), also exact on October 31st.

Mars will part of that confusing mashup of November 1st influences that I wrote about earlier.

But let's focus on Mars in this post. Those of you with planets/angles from 6-9 degrees Virgo or Pisces may be feeling these two, contrasting aspects right now. The opposition to Chiron emphasizes a sore spot. Mars in Virgo wants to initiate a fix, and the support from Pluto says that there is a solution. Pluto gives power, and it will be fuelled by the changes in the area of your chart that Pluto is transiting through. The demolition of the past. Whatever is emerging from the rubble of those changes can be used to address that sore spot/insecurity/doubt that transiting Chiron is triggering.

Transiting Mars is the tool you're going to use. But as you're focusing on the problem, remember that Chiron's wounds never, completely heal. You won't wipe the problem away, you'll just find a way to work (Virgo) with it. Mars in Virgo is driven to clean it up. There's the conviction that if you just keep digging/questioning/obsessing, you'll stumble on the magical solution and everything will be nicely resolved. That won't happen here, because Chiron in Pisces is not something you can neatly isolate, cauterize, and forget about. It has no boundaries.

This is the influence that teaches the power of acceptance. Fold the hurt into your skill set, and turn into something you can use.