Horoscopes for October 13th to October 20th


Mars (action and energy) moves into Virgo on October 15th, but will oppose illusion-prone Neptune in Pisces until October 19th. Actions, motivations and ambitions will be misguided or hopeful. The Full Moon eclipse in Aries (ruled by Mars) on October 18th will provide a release/result, but it will be best to wait until the Neptune opposition is over before you take the next step. Hopes will not necessarily be misplaced, but certain details may be obscured. Virgo is the sign of  factual information, so wait until you have all the facts before you react.


Mars (your ruler) in your sector of daily routine can leave you feeling confused/overwhelmed as it opposes Neptune. Odd, physical symptoms that come and go, mixed messages from co-workers, more duties but less energy, are all possibilities. You may also be asked/expected to make a sacrifice. Fortunately, Neptune's influence is brief, and once it's over, you should find your ambition and focus returning with a vengeance. The Full Moon eclipse in your sign can put added stress on these Mars issues, as a relationship reaches a crucial turning point. Whether it's a business or personal partnership, keep in mind that your ruler is under a confusing influence and nothing is what it seems.


Mars enters your sector of self-expression, and the opposition to Neptune can up your creativity, desire to indulge, or pursue a romantic dream. Enjoy the good feelings, but wait for the opposition to pass before you commit yourself fully. Also, be careful that you don't overdo it when it comes to drugs/alcohol (your desire to escape will be pronounced). The Full Moon eclipse in your hidden sector can emphasize anything secret or unacknowledged, but eclipses have a way of revealing things. Be very careful where you place your energy this week; if you're set on pursing something/someone, make sure everything is clean, honest and open.


Mars in your domestic sector opposes Neptune in your career sector, bringing up a confusing challenge between home/family changes and future goals. What you're aiming for could undermine what you have, or vice versa. Alternatively, developments at home could fire your imagination and concept of what you're capable of in your career. The Full Moon eclipse in your social sector underlines these developments, as issues around your public image, public contacts, friends or group affiliations come to a head. Even as a result or announcement is presented, messages from higher-ups may be unclear. Wait for the Neptune opposition to pass before you act.


Mars in your communication sector is opposed by Neptune, simultaneously broadening your reach/audience, and making decisions unclear. You may feel all fired up to speak out, or speak "the truth", but do you have all the facts? The Full Moon eclipse in your career sector will show you some truths, as a job situation or path to a future goal reaches a turning point. Where you go next, or how far you reach, is up to you, But wait until the Neptune opposition passes before you lay it on line. Information and details (especially missing facts) will be crucial.


Mars in your security can trigger some shaky moments as it is opposed by Neptune. Debts, taxes, loans or your partner's finances may be areas where you feel panicked or undermined. Alternatively, intimacy issues can leave you feeling threatened or confused. The Full Moon eclipse in your opportunities sector should provide a welcome boost, indicating results around long distance travel, education, legal matters or publishing. You can go further/faster, and all is not as troublesome as it seems regarding finances or intimacy. Wait for Neptune's opposition to pass before you spend, invest or present an  ultimatum to your partner.


Mars in your sign opposes Neptune in your partnership sector, stirring up relationship misunderstandings, worries or paranoia. Before you charge ahead to fix something, double check that there is actually a problem. Alternatively, use caution when pinning all your hopes on a romantic outcome (during this influence). The Full Moon eclipse in your sector of shared resources can present an outcome regarding shared finances (taxes, debts, loans or your partner's income) or intimacy. Whether there's an ending, finalization or acceleration to the next level, emotions will be volatile.  Wait until Neptune's opposition to Mars finishes before you decide how you're going to react.


Mars in your hidden sector stirs up secret ambitions or developments, but Neptune's opposition makes the the potential results unclear. You may have an idea about what you'd like to happen, but energy/focus will be temporarily diffused during this influence. The Full Moon eclipse in your partnership sector can throw even more at you as a relationship ends or reaches a critical point. A fresh start, clean break or full-on commitment are possibilities. Whatever happens, Neptune's opposition could leave you feeling unprepared or overwhelmed, but this should pass once the influence ends.


Mars in your social sector is opposed by Neptune, creating mixed messages and unclear opportunities with friends. groups or the general public. Actions will be unclear as you are challenged by personal dreams, and the desire to manifest them. It's fine to dream big, but the path to fulfillment may be questionable. The Full Moon eclipse in your sector of routine can present more information, with the outcome to a health or work issue. Obligations may end, or the results of your previous efforts (for yourself, or someone else) may now become clear. The end of the Neptune opposition should give your ambitions a more direct focus.


Mars in your career sector is pumping up your desire to excel or impress, but the opposition to Neptune indicates that events with home/family may temporarily drain your motivation.  Domestic issues can be confusing or undermining, but the Full Moon eclipse in your sector of self-expression should provide a much needed boost. Watch for results involving a desired, personal goal, or an accelerated need to simply be yourself. This eclipse can be the fuel that propels you past the confidence sapping events of the Neptune opposition. You'll be shown what's best for you; run with it.


Mars in your opportunities sector indicates new developments or ambitions regarding long distance travel, education, legal matters or publishing. You'll want to push further, but the opposition to Neptune suggests mixed messages or misleading information. The Full Moon eclipse in your domestic sector can help wrap up issues with home/family, in the form of a relocation or conclusion of a family issue. Once matters are completed at home and the Neptune opposition is over, you can power ahead into those new opportunities with confidence and accurate information.


Mars in your sector of shared resources can accelerate an intimacy or financial (taxes, debts, loans or your partner's finances) issue. However, the opposition to Neptune can see you feeling insecure or doubtful, so use caution before you react. The Full Moon eclipse in your communication sector can trigger a sudden answer, decision, understanding or turning point conversation. What you hear/discuss will propel you forward, but wait until the Neptune opposition is over before you take action regarding what you're sharing, giving or spending.


Mars in your relationship sector opposes Neptune in your sign, throwing up some partnership challenges to your dream, or newly emerging sense of purpose. Whether you feel overwhelmed or excited by someone else's agenda, know that the Full Moon eclipse (in your sector of personal resources) will release some of the pressure. A financial or emotional need will reach a tipping point, with the emphasis on you asserting your personal needs. Once the Neptune opposition finishes, the actions of others will become clearer, and so will your appropriate response.