Horoscopes for October 27th to November 3rd


This week will be dominated by a group of influences that are building now, and will peak on November 1st. Uranus retrograde in Aries (intensified freedom) will square Pluto in Capricorn (transformation of existing structures), indicating a collision between old and new. Mars in Virgo (the drive to fix problems) and the Sun and Mercury retrograde in Scorpio (intensification) will each form tense aspects to Uranus, making it the focal point for a variety of changes. Mars, the Sun and Uranus will form a configuration called a Yod, which triggers unusual or fated events. Since the focal planet (Uranus) is the planet of surprise, the outcome of all this will be unexpected but necessary (and helpful). Whatever is revealed will be something you've been looking for (even if you don't know it yet).


Uranus retrograde in your sign will be the focal point for this week's influences. The square from Pluto in your career sector suggests a collision between rules/evolving future goals/management power plays, and your drive for freedom and self-expression. The Sun/Mercury Rx (in your sector of shared resources) and Mars (in your sector of daily routine) indicate adjustments/frustrations involving finances, obligations, work routines or health. The pressure from big picture changes, and increased activity  in your daily life, may push you to the brink. But you will also discover a much needed way out, way forward or chance to express what's been building up. This is about you discovering what you really stand for, even if that involves leaving something behind.


Uranus retrograde in your hidden sector is squared by Pluto in your sector of opportunities, suggesting tension between external developments  (in the areas of long distance travel, education, legal matters or publishing)and internal restlessness. The Sun/Mercury Rx (in your relationship sector) and Mars (in your sector of self expression) can add to this restlessness with pressures from a new romance or relationship; "fun" may feel more like work, especially if someone is rehashing the past. Hard to pin down feelings of dissatisfaction will make you (or your partner) question what it is, exactly, that you want. This influence will help you find out, as a secret or unacknowledged issue emerges when you least expect it. It may be time for a course correction in your personal life or long-term goals.


Uranus retrograde in your social sector is squared by Pluto in your sector of shared resources. Private matters (intimacy or financial issues) may run up against public scrutiny, resulting in exposure, or a dramatic change in your relationships with others (friends, acquaintances). Mars (in your domestic sector) and the Sun/Mercury Rx (in your sector of routine) suggest that family, work or health matters (little breakdowns, necessary fixes) will also be clamouring for your attention. Domestic finances can be a real source of tension. The result will be a sudden, but necessary, about face in your public life. Certain loyalties/attitudes may be exposed as a result of what's happening behind closed doors. On the other hand, a friend may step in at the last minute with an innovative solution or surprising offer of help.


Pluto in your relationship sector squares Uranus retrograde in your career sector, indicating tension between the balance of power in your partnership, and your career/goals. Mars (in your communication sector) and the Sun/Mercury Rx (in your sector of self- expression) can see you focusing obsessively on a creative project/personal desire that's essential for you, but doesn't fit in with your current goals. Your partner is supportive of anything that's essential for your happiness, so rather than trying to fix what's "broken" in your relationship, focus on how whether or not you've been moving forward with your bigger ambitions. Something in your career/future path will have to shift. Watch for a sudden announcement from management, a change in job status, or a surprising, new direction/opportunity. Even if this change initially makes you feel insecure, the resulting freedom will open up an exciting new future.


Uranus retrograde in your opportunities sector will be squared by Pluto in your sector of daily routine. What's new and exciting will clash with changes you've been making (or have failed to make) in your daily life or health. It may be a case of wanting to go further/faster, but needing to slow down and deal with what's happening on a mundane level. Mars (in your security sector) and the Sun/Mercury Rx (in your domestic sector) point to pressures (financial and family related) that seem to make it impossible for you to follow your dream. The breakthrough will occur with an unexpected opportunity (in the areas of long distance travel, education, legal matters or publishing) that presents a brand new perspective. The "burdens" of daily life will push you to take a leap of faith, and explore Plan C.


Uranus retrograde in your sector of shared resources is squared by Pluto in your sector of self expression, suggesting that increased focus on a personal goal (or an increased awareness of your creative/personal power) will bump up against financial issues (debts, taxes, loans, your partner's finances) or issues around physical/emotional intimacy. The more you've been focusing on what's truly precious to you, the more you've been seeing that changes are brewing regarding what you give/take. Mars (in your sign) and the Sun/Mercury Rx (in your sector of communication) up the ante as you hone in on an intimacy or financial issue with your typical focus. You'll be seeing a problem, and you'll want to fix it. But the results may catch you off guard. You're mining a deep cave this week, and what you find may be more significant than you imagined. Be cautious about pushing a partner too far about money or sex.


Uranus retrograde in your partnership sector is squared by Pluto in your sector of home and family. This could be a case of your past (childhood or family issues) colliding with your future (a new or rapidly changing relationship). Who you were is no longer appropriate in your love life. Mars (in your hidden sector) and the Sun/Mercury Rx (in your security sector) can see private or unacknowledged worries about money/emotional security placing increased pressure on this relationship. Working towards a a solution that honours your sense of security is part of your move away from the past, so don't hold back. But know that the tipping point will involve a dramatic change or ending in your relationship; whatever occurs was an inevitable result of you becoming more grounded in what you want. For single Librans, you may find that the push to make things better for yourself puts you directly in the path of an exciting new love interest.


Uranus retrograde in your sector of daily routine is squared by Pluto in your communications sector, suggesting a critical realization/message/conversation/statement which collides with a health or work issue. This could manifest as a surprising diagnosis, conflict with co-workers, or struggle to deal with a certain obligation. Mars (in your social sector) and the Sun/Mercury Rx (in your sign) throw on added tension in the form of conflicts with friends/groups, or the sense that you somehow "owe" everyone else a piece of your time (especially one, particular person from your past). Your jam-packed schedule may hit you where you least expect it; watch for an emotional/physical meltdown (stress induced). The bright side will be the crystal clear realization of what you need to let go of, or what area of your life you need liberate. Immediately. Alternatively, you may discover an innovative solution/surprising loophole to a work or health dilemma.


Uranus retrograde in your sector of self-expression is challenged by Pluto in your security sector, triggering a clash between your drive to step out/up, and your need to feel safe. The thing is, your standards for financial and emotional security are changing as well (although it might feel like someone else is calling the shots at the moment). Mars (in your career sector) and the Sun/Mercury Rx (in your hidden sector) bring added pressure in the form of your ambitions, some obvious, and some not. The results will be your discovery of what you can really do, or where you can really shine. This moment may be preceded by a rebellious "kick" on your part, or a surprising development that involves a creative project, new romance or celebration. Rebellion has never felt so good, but these influences can push you to overdo it. Use just a smidgen of caution.


Pluto in your sign is shoved by Uranus in your domestic sector, signalling a showdown between your personal transformations/focus, and a family member (or changes at home). Those you live with may not be on board with your evolutionary agenda, or you may find yourself pushing back against someone's restless desire for freedom. Mars (in your opportunities sector) and the Sun/Mercury Rx (in your social sector) point to developments (involving long distance travel, education, legal matters or publishing) that are important to your future goals, but seem to put added stress on what's happening at home. The breakthrough will occur with an abrupt change in the attitude of a family member, or an unexpected relocation/renovation. Whatever happens at home, know that this area is accelerating towards the future, and this week's influences are essential for that momentum.


Uranus retrograde in your communication sector is squared by Pluto in your sector of secrets, indicating that hidden developments/unconscious impulses will erupt in the form of a conversation/email/realization. Mars (in your sector of shared resources) and the Sun/Mercury Rx (in your career sector) intensify the pressure with financial (debts, taxes, loans, your partner's money) and career considerations driving your need for change. These may be issues that you've gone over and over in your mind, but now you'll be ready to air them. The outcome will be a come to Jesus talk, abrupt decision or announcement that clearly points you in the right direction. Whatever you say or discover will be an essential truth.


Uranus in your security sector is challenged by Pluto in your social sector, pointing to financial/emotional upsets. Alternatively, massive changes/endings involving friends/group affiliations/public image may be driven your need to make a clean financial/emotional sweep. Mars (in your partnership sector) and the Sun/Mercury Rx (in your sector of opportunities) add input in the form of conflicts with a partner, a partner's ambitions, and your/their urge to explore. Watch for the return/reconsideration of a past opportunity. All these changes involving others can be lead to a buildup of anxiety that breaks, as you realize what you can afford, and what you can't. Issues around self-worth will be paramount, but know that your security needs have been changing anyway. You can handle whatever direction you're pushed in.