Horoscopes For October 6th to October 13th


Mercury (communication and intellect) meets Saturn (reality) in Scorpio from October 6th to 8th. This is serious energy; final statements, official choices or focused revelations. Saturn brings the results of what's you've been working on, so this information should not be surprising. But it will be truthful, and that truth can be relied on as Venus (love, money, values) sails into enthusiastic Sagittarius on October 7th. Venus wants more in Sagittarius, but a square to Neptune (dreams) in Pisces until October 10th indicates that "more" may not be based in reality. The Mercury/Saturn message can be used to keep you on track.


Mercury and Saturn unite in your sector of shared resources, suggesting a finalization (signing a document/making a decision) regarding debts, taxes, loans or your partner's finances.  Alternatively, it could be time for a bottom-line discussion or realization about intimacy (some secrets could be revealed as well). What you learn/decide in these areas can be used to back you up when Venus enters your opportunities sector and squares Neptune. Intriguing developments in long-distance travel/romance, education, legal matters or publishing may beckon, but consider the emotional/financial costs. You'll know if you have what you need to move forward.


Mercury and Saturn meet in your partnership sector, bringing a final decision or serious conversation about commitment, a relationship's future or one partner's needs. For single or newly involved Taureans, this can be a time when you choose to (finally) move on from that relationship fear/habit that's been holding you back. Use these developments to ground you as Venus (your ruler) moves into your sector of shared resources and squares Neptune. Physical and emotional intimacy can be temporarily misleading, or expectations can outstrip reality; go back to what Mercury and Saturn clarified for you. In financial matters (debts, taxes, loans, your partner's finances) be extra cautious about spending/investing during these few days.


Mercury (your ruler) and Saturn in your sector of daily routine give you an answer or solution about a health or work matter. It may not be what you wanted to hear, but the facts will be unmistakable regarding what you have to do, or what you're not prepared to do. As Venus moves into your relationship sector and squares Neptune, romantic or business partnerships can be temporarily clouded. Dial back your expectations and clarify your words (or their words); the truth lies with what Mercury/Saturn pointed out already. When in doubt, turn to the practical details of the situation.


Mercury and Saturn in your sector of self-expression give you the facts about a creative project, new romance or personal goal. You'll know exactly what you have to do to get what you want, or what you can't do. As Venus moves into your sector of daily routine (and squares Neptune) you may temporarily lose the path on which you need to take your next step. Don't allow what you wish was happening to throw you off course; go back to what Mercury/Saturn clarified. Issues around health/exercise/diet/work or obligations could make you feel unmotivated, but you should pick up steam again once this influence passes.


Mercury and Saturn lay it out for you in your domestic sector. Finalizations of a rental/mortgage agreement, a crucial family discussion or the reveal of a truth from the past are all possibilities. As Venus moves into your sector of self expression and squares Neptune, you may be tempted to ignore what Mercury/Saturn told you, and push yourself further/spend more than you should. Your domestic situation is where your responsibilities lie at the moment, and what happens there is the deciding factor. No one is saying you can't have fun or indulge yourself, but wait until the square to Neptune finishes so you'll be less inclined to take unwise risks.


Mercury (your ruler) and Saturn draw a line in the sand. Watch for a final discussion/choice, or unbending statement. You may be making the statement (in which case your words will be taken seriously) or someone else could give you an answer you can take to the bank. Even a "No" will point you in the direction you need to go. As Venus enters your domestic sector and squares Neptune, you can fall back on the Mercury/Saturn energy to stick to your bottom line (or remind yourself of the facts) if things get confusing with a partner/family member. It will be easily to allow relationship paranoia/doubts to cloud your thinking, but stick to what you already know, or what was already discussed.


Mercury and Saturn in your sector of personal resources help you clarify a financial matter, or solidify your emotional choices. What you need will be crystal clear, and so will what you can get. If the two don't match up, your next step should be clear as well (consider if you've earned what you want, or if it's time to move on). As Venus (your ruler) enters your communication sector and squares Neptune, be cautious about over-promising or becoming wishy-washy on a decision.  It may feel easier to compromise, say "Yes" or buy into someone's big words, but remember what Mercury/Saturn clarified for you. You know what you need.


The union of Mercury and Saturn in your sign will draw a line underneath your choice or message. Statements that you make during this influence will be final, so this is a good time to make it official, whether "official" means yes or no. This influence can also help you hone in on a critical piece of information arising from your investigations. As Venus moves into your sector of resources and squares Neptune, remember what Mercury/Saturn helped you decide. Venus' energy could (temporarily) push you to make a sacrifice, spend too much or drop your boundaries. Being hopeful is good, but wait until this square finishes before you invest in those hopes.


Mercury and Saturn in your hidden sector will be telling you something, and it's in your best interests to listen. Pay close attention to gut feelings, instincts, suspicions or dreams; there's something that you already know, even if it's not obvious. As Venus moves into your sign and squares Neptune, you'll want to pin your hopes on something a little too good to be true. Take a step back and consider if there's something familiar about this scenario. You already know what the score is. You've got some hard-won wisdom under your belt, so use it.


Mercury and Saturn (your ruler) meet up in your social sector, bringing a realization/truth about who's on your side, who you know or who wants you in their group (or whose group you want to be part of). This is a pruning influence which can help you focus on where you want to direct your energy. A contract could also be finalized. As Venus enters your sector of secrets and squares Neptune, you may be caught off guard by a new development, especially in the wake of what Mercury/Saturn showed you. Background/newly developing potentials aren't necessarily false, but a wait-and-see attitude is best.


Mercury/Saturn in your career sector bring a final answer/official contract regarding a career move or new job. As to what that answer will be, consider the effort you've put into this path thus far, and what feels like the healthiest move forward for you. When Venus enters your social sector and squares Neptune, you may temporarily lose focus or become distracted by a new, tempting possibility. It will also be easy to overdo it with celebrations/escapism. Keep your eye on the prize (the Mercury/Saturn prize). Alternatively, if you get bogged down in disillusionment, remind yourself that Mercury/Saturn's answer was designed to focus you on the only thing that matters (right now) about your future.


Mercury/Saturn in your opportunities sector can give you an official contract/document or answer regarding long-distance travel, a legal matter, education or publishing. You may realize an achievement you've been working hard for, or you may find that your options are limited (but focused in one area). Forget about where you can't go, and look at what's left. As Venus enters your career sector and squares Neptune in your sign, be cautious about spreading yourself too thin or promising something (to management/clients) that you can't deliver. Your intentions will be good, but Mercury/Saturn has the truth about what you're actually capable of.