Mercury Retrograde Hits Saturn in Scorpio

As Mercury retrogrades in Scorpio and churns up the deep stuff, it will back into Saturn (at 13 degrees) on October 29th.

There's a few interpretations for this:

  • The final answer that you were digging for
  • The truth that you encounter while searching
  • The choice that seems inevitable
  • The commitment you have to make it really final? Saturn is the Wall of Reality, but this is Mercury retrograde. When it goes direct, it will encounter Saturn again (on November 25th). The answer could be the same, or someone may have changed their mind (happens all the time when Mercury changes direction).

So, don't sign on the dotted line or write a situation off. Pay attention to what you hear/discover during this influence, because it will be important (it will be a preview of what happens when Mercury goes direct). If there's a responsibility that you have to attend it. No matter what else is happening during a Saturn influence, make sure you take care of business.

But the last line hasn't been written. Yet.

If you have planets/angles from 11-13 degrees Scorpio, you'll feel this influence most strongly.