Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio and the Surprise Engine

More thoughts on the November 1st Yod and Uranus/Pluto square. Specifically, about Mercury retrograde's involvement.

Mercury retrograde (in Scorpio) will be right in there on November 1st. Conjunct the Sun. Trining Chiron (wounded Healer) in Pisces. It will be part of the Yod, part of the in-depth fixing that leads to the Uranus breakthrough/breakout.

Looking back and/or looking underneath will be a major contributor to what's going down on November 1st. I think it will be good. The trine to Chiron says that's how you'll access release from, and acceptance of, pain. Or grief.  A commenter on this blog said they were feeling transiting Chiron as "heavy sorrow". I think part of that could be due to Mercury Rx in Scorpio. Shadow diving can get heavy.

So, ask your questions, mull things over, do your research. It will all come out in a few days. Mercury Rx conjunct the Sun suggests illumination. Your "ah-ha" moment.