The Punch: Full Moon Eclipse in Aries

The October 18th, Full Moon Lunar eclipse is at 25 degrees Aries. Full Moon eclipses are high-powered culminations, and in the warrior sign of Aries, you can count on extra snap.

Aries is the accelerator. It's energy, initiative, courage, anger, sex. It pushes. So whatever reaches a peak on this eclipse will demand your attention. Eclipses usually demand that you take notice anyway, but this one may feel especially angry. Or urgent. Or passionate. Passion isn't restricted to sex; anything that you feel strongly about will count. The house in your chart with the sign Aries (from 23-26 degrees) is where a situation may boil over, or come to an end rather abruptly.

Something else will be peaking. Mars (ruler of Aries) in Virgo will be opposing Neptune, and this aspect will be exact on October 19th.  You'll have that Aries push to finish it already, move on, jump in. But Mars opposite Neptune will make the immediate outcome unclear. The full story won't be written until after October 19th, so whatever the eclipse brings, try to hold your reaction until after that date. It won't be easy, and you may not have a choice (eclipses have their own schedule). Just know that Mars opposite Neptune suggests there will be something hidden/forgotten that is uncovered. The footnote (written in invisible ink) that emerges.

If you're looking for answers (for the truth) this eclipse/Mars-Neptune combo will give you that. The punch (Aries) through the veil of illusion (Mars/Neptune). Are you ready for what's on the other side? It could be disappointing, but it could also be much more than you expected (Neptune expands).

If you have planets/angles from 23-26 degrees Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn or from 0-2 degrees Pisces/Virgo, this eclipse will be especially potent.