Venus in Sagittarius and the Fire of Hope

More thoughts about transiting Venus in Sagittarius....

Sag is an optimistic sign. It represents faith. It expands because of the hope that something better is out there. That's all that drives it; hope, not absolute proof.

What are your feelings on being hopeful about love? About self-esteem? About getting anything you desire? Hope is kinda dangerous...feels risky (that's another Sag theme...risk/adventure). But we wouldn't get anywhere if we didn't step into the unknown (sometimes).

Transiting Venus in Sag will urge you to have faith. Especially when it squares Chiron (Wounded Healer) at 9 degrees Pisces from October 13th to 16th. That'll be the test; can you keep the faith in the face of pain/fear/doubts/weakness? If it's all gone to sh**t in the past, can you see your way clear to believe that it will turn out differently this time? Or maybe the question you feel like you deserve a different ending? The trick with Chiron is that the wound never fully heals. You just accept it, work with it, and move forward anyway. That's your hope; you can still live and love and thrive while being imperfect.

Sometimes, all you have is hope. It burns through the darkness and lights the way when experience clouds your view. It's the fire that drives humanity, and it's a beautiful thing.

Those with planets/angles from 8-9 degrees Pisces/Sagittarius will be in the crosshairs of this hope versus pain aspect.