Horoscopes for November 10th to November 17th


Mercury (information and communication) goes direct in Scorpio on November 10th, bringing results from the past few weeks of pondering, investigating or exploratory conversations. This forward movement means final decisions, a time for answers and external statements, all stemming from internal exploration. From November 12th to 15th, Venus conjuncts Pluto (power and transformation) in Capricorn, adding a do-or-die edge to all Venus themes (love, money, self-esteem). Desires will be intensified, but Venus will also form an impulsive square to Uranus (liberation) in Aries. This creates the risk of going too far in pursuit of who/what you "must" have. Passion is good, but recklessness will result in unpleasant shocks.


Mercury goes direct in your sector of shared resources, signalling movement in the areas of debts, taxes, loans or your partner's finances. If you have papers to sign or investments to make, now is the time. Alternatively, issues around physical and emotional intimacy may be clarified, as discussions become focused on the next step. In all cases, any research, soul searching or intense discussions from the last, few weeks will now bear fruit. Venus in your career sector meets up with Pluto, while squaring Uranus in your sign. Watch for a desired goal or status symbol to manifest. But the challenge will be working this possibility (new job, new position, juicy responsibilities or recognition from management) into your world order. As good as it looks, it will clash with your drive to express your individuality. For some, a hot and heavy work romance could materialize; stay aware of the impact on your professional reputation.


Mercury direct in your partnership sector suggests relationship progress. Discussions with a partner may now gain momentum, or your thoughts on what you want (or are prepared to commit to) will solidify. It's also possible that you or a partner will change your minds about a major decision. Venus (your ruler) joins Pluto in your opportunities sector, indicating a tempting development in the areas of long distance travel, long distance romance, education, legal matters or publishing. But the square to Uranus in your hidden sector promises that this desired development will stir up some surprising reactions. You may want this far more (or less) than you anticipated. Alternatively, something you've been holding back may now come out of the closet. Whatever is revealed will be the truth, no matter how surprising.


Mercury direct (your ruler) in your sector of day to day activities can free up work tasks, co-worker communications, delays with medical diagnosis and general inefficiency. You should feel more in control of duties and small tasks as well. Venus meets Pluto in your sector of shared resources, indicating a positive opportunity in the form of a financial gift, payment of a loan or increased intimacy with a partner. But the square to Uranus in your social sector suggests that something about this development will catch you off guard, or leave you feeling overwhelmed. Alternatively, input from a friend/acquaintance may have an unexpected impact on these areas. There's a risk of private issues becoming public, and while you may not have control over what's revealed, you do have a say in how you react.


Mercury direct in your sector of self-expression can get the ball rolling on a personal goal, creative project or new romance. Get ready to jump on board, because this is what you've been waiting for. However, this influence could reveal a change of plans or attitude (especially if these developments began when Mercury was retrograde). Whatever new information you hear, you can rest assured that now it's solid. Mercury's inspiring trine to Neptune (on November 11th) suggests that there's still plenty of juice left in your goals, even if you don't hear exactly what you want. Keep pursuing your dream. Venus' meeting with Pluto in your relationship sector indicates passionately intense moments with a partner. But the square to Uranus in your career sector suggests that these moments may also involve conflict and an abrupt reshuffling of your priorities. If a surprising truth is revealed, take a breath and work with it. Also, know that manipulation or possessiveness of a partner may create fractures in your relationship.


Mercury direct in your domestic sector can signal the finalization of a house sale/documents, or progress regarding a family discussion. Alternatively, habits/addictions/childhood issues may come out into the open, allowing for resolution. This influence can be especially beneficial for clearing out old, psychological issues. Venus joins Pluto in your sector of daily activities, urging you to attend to duties, obligations, tasks, health or work issues. There's significant benefits in store if you do, although the square to Uranus in your opportunities sector can threaten to push you off track with the unexpected. Maintain your focus.


Mercury direct (your ruler) in your communication sector can see you surging ahead with a plan, idea or pronouncement. Delays/misunderstandings will lift, and you'll have every opportunity to make a significant impact with your voice. Venus and Pluto in your sector of self-expression point to intense focus on a personal goal or desire. Something is in your crosshairs, and you may become obsessive in your pursuit. This intensity can carry you far, but the square to Uranus in your sector of shared resources suggests there is also a danger of going too far, (especially where money and intimacy are concerned). The trick is knowing which boundaries to break through, and which to respect. When in doubt, remind yourself that you cannot control other people.


Mercury direct in your sector of security can see progress/new discussions around a financial issue. You may also be ready to openly discuss your needs with a partner. Either way, it's time to lay your cards on the table and approach someone with a definitive statement about what you want (now that you're clear on what you deserve). Venus (your ruler) and Pluto in your domestic sector crank up your focus on a home business, family matter, personal commitment or renovation. But what you're aiming to manifest could cause tension in a relationship, as the square to Uranus is activated. Alternatively, a revelation/sudden development in a relationship could push you to intensify your efforts with home/family, or could see you becoming more ambitious about changing the foundations of your life. This could also be an "enough's enough" influence that pushes you to end a relationship. Overall, this influence can help you see where you true power lies.


Mercury direct in your sign can propel you forward, finalize a decision or help everything fall into place. Whatever you've been pondering during the Mercury Rx period will now emerge to give you extra fuel. Venus/Pluto in your communication sector squares Uranus in your sector of daily activities, triggering tension between your ideas and work or health issues. You could push for an answer and uncover something unexpected. Alternatively, your obsessive focus on something/someone could have surprising consequences in your daily routine. Surprising solutions to a dilemma are another possibility, if you strategize carefully and don't let your need for control overwhelm you.


Mercury direct in your hidden sector can put the next piece in place regarding a background potential or slowly emerging realization. Whether you consciously acknowledge it or not, the decision has been made and things are in motion. Venus and Pluto in your security sector can see you obsessively pushing for more (money, resources or emotional security). The square to Uranus in your sector of self-expression pumps up your desires with a "What about me" attitude, especially if you've been feeling ignored or taken for granted. It's fine to campaign for what you deserve, but know that this influence carries the risk of going overboard. There may be a risk you feel like taking, but think carefully before you do it. Extreme actions will result in extreme reactions from others.


Mercury direct in your social sector keeps things churning, regarding friends, groups or your relationship to the public. A  friendship/ association may move forward (or end) or you may move ahead regarding promotion of your work, cause or ideas. If you were hesitating about a certain public goal or project, now is the time to take the next step. Venus and Pluto in your sign can be immensely empowering, as they manifest a deep desire. On the other hand, you could find yourself obsessed with someone/something. The square to Uranus will ensure that whatever you're lusting after (be it love, status or money) will reverberate through your home life, either driving you forward impatiently, or kicking up dust with a family member or domestic situation. It could be that your desire to break free from the past causes you to act more aggressively than usual. If this is the case, remember that you're probably the only one who understands why this is so urgent.


Mercury direct in your career sector can add fuel to delayed future plans, or put a clearer spin on discussions with management. After much thought, you'll be ready to express your thoughts on your future, and others will hear you clearly. Venus and Pluto in your hidden sector are squared by Uranus in your communication sector, suggesting that a background (but intense) desire drives you to just say it/write it (perhaps a little more forcefully than you intended). Know that the impact of your words will hit hard, and others may react strongly. You need to speak the truth, no matter what. Just make sure that you're absolutely clear on where this truth is coming from. Anything you hold back will be abruptly revealed (without your permission) so honesty (with a touch of restraint) is important.


Mercury direct in your sector of opportunities signals progress around long distance travel, education, legal matters or publishing. Plans can be clarified, and your options will become very real. If you've been holding off on signing official documents, now is the time to put pen to paper. Venus and Pluto in your social sector can indicate an intense, new romance or the manifestation of a desired public goal (your public authority or power). This can be a moment of profound influence for you, but the square to Uranus in your security sector suggests that you may find these new developments shake your foundations. If this is what you want, why does it feel so dangerous? It's not really dangerous, but it is part of the agenda that's meant to redefine what makes you feel safe. Embrace it, but make sure that panic or insecurity are not driving the bus. If you try to hang onto something because you're afraid of losing it…you will lose it.