Horoscopes for November 17th to November 24th


November 17th's Full Moon in Taurus can present solid endings, culminations or commitments. Taurus is the sign of growth, but also preservation of what is. This energy is about working with, and building on, existing resources (emotional, financial or physical). Some may find that they have more than expected, while others could discover a critical shortage. Any results will be directly related to what's been previously planted. The Sun's move into expansive Sagittarius (on November 21st) turns everyone's eyes to the horizon. Sagittarius is the sign of exploration, whether it be long-distance travel, or opening the mind to new possibilities. This energy pushes us to consider the big "what if?"


The Full Moon in your sector of personal resources can signal a culmination around savings, money earned, or emotional demands. It could signal a pay raise (providing you've earned it, of course) or a line in the sand where you realize that what a partner is giving you is not enough (or just right). This could also trigger a conflict/resolution scenario involving finances between you and your partner. As the Sun moves into your sector of opportunities, your focus will expand. You'll be less concerned with what you can afford, or what you have to hold onto, and more about what else is out there.


The Full Moon in your sign can manifest as another peak involving partnerships (romantic or professional) security, self-esteem, personal focus or boundaries. This turning point can solidify your next step/commitment, or convince you that it's time to say goodbye. As the Sun moves into your sector of shared resources, a relationship may expand and deepen. Increased intensity can involve joint, financial issues or physical/emotional intimacy. This next step shifts energy from the polarity between you and another, to what happens when you and another pool your resources. If a relationship ends, the shift could be about you turning inwards to explore your options, and work through the metaphorical "death".


The Full Moon in your hidden sector can bring a secret, background potential or unacknowledged issue out into the open. Something overlooked/ignored can quite literally become solid and impossible to miss. Pay close attention to stress related symptoms, or issues around sacrificing/submerging your desires. You won't be able to avoid the issue any longer. As the Sun moves into your partnership sector, you'll become more concerned with all relationship issues; what you give/get in return, how your partner (or potential partner) expands your life, relationship freedom and shared philosophies.


The Full Moon in your social sector can signal the conclusion/turning point of a friendship/group affiliation (depending on what events have been building up). It can also launch you into a brand new, public chapter, or solidify your public image/authority. The overall theme of this Moon is establishing your special purpose for others to see. As the Sun moves into your sector of work and service, the focus will shift from what others notice about you, to what you can do for them. This can be a busy time at work, or you may notice an acceleration of little repairs/health issues and day to day obligations that need to be taken care of.


The Full Moon in your career sector can solidify a job opportunity or trigger a job transition. Reputation and status can be cemented, or you may gain more traction regarding a new career path, project or domestic issue. Any culminations will appear as obvious manifestations of efforts you've already put into your future goals. Once the Sun (your ruler) enters your sector of self-expression, you'll feel less like working and more like playing. Whether you have cause to celebrate, show off or just relax and enjoy yourself, you'll have enough sparkle and optimism to fuel yourself. This influence can re-ignite you, if you've been feeling ignored, rejected or depressed.


The Full Moon in your opportunities sector can present results related to long distance travel, education, legal matters or publishing. Your next step will be clear, and will involve discovering that you have just what you need to help you go a certain distance. Work with what you've built up to this point . The Sun's entry into your domestic sector shifts your focus to family, nesting, close connections, childhood, parents or expanding your own family. This can be a time of reaffirming family networks. Home repairs/renovations or a home business can also claim more of your attention.


The Full Moon in your sector of shared resources can signal the finalization of a debt/loan payment, or the solidification/growth of finances between you and your partner. A turning point/confirmation regarding intimacy could also occur. The theme is growth through sharing and/or setting your boundaries regarding how much you share (or what you owe). Once the Sun enters your sector of communication, you'll be busy with emails, conversations, phone calls and all exchanges of information. You'll be energized (and maybe a bit overwhelmed) as your ideas accelerate and messages rush in.


The Full Moon in your partnership sector can cement a relationship commitment, or confirm an ending. Either way, issues of relationship security, boundaries or personal values will be prominent. Whether you establish a commitment or move forward alone, use this energy to grow relationship habits that you want to carry forward for the long term. The Sun entering your security security sector puts the emphasis on expanding your resources (emotional and financial). You'll be concerned with receiving more (a pay increase or increasing your rates) and having your expanding, emotional needs met. It's ok to be selfish with this one. The question will be, are you getting what you deserve?


The Full Moon in your sector of work and duties can bring results concerning co-workers, work tasks, repairs or health issues. Watch for a peak in obligations, or a confirmation about the reality of what must be done. Duties for others can feel especially heavy, but your energy may be compromised. Dig in for one, last push; you've got what you need to make it work. You'll feel a positive shift as the Sun moves into your sign, bringing increased energy, drive, optimism and focus, just in time for the holiday season.


The Full Moon in your sector of self-expression can be life-affirming and satisfying, as you see results/confirmations of a personal goal, desire, new romance or creative project. On the other hand, the realities of what is presented (about any of the above) may be less than you'd hoped for. Either way, this influence can anchor you in the present, and make what you have to work (or play) with very obvious. As the Sun moves into Sagittarius, you may pull back and adopt a wait-and-see attitude about your next step. Or, you may simply want alone time to process the Full Moon events. Give yourself the peace and privacy that is needed, because once the Sun moves into your sign (on Dec 21) you'll be in the spotlight.


The Full Moon in your domestic sector can finalize a rental/mortgage/relocation/home business, or bring a family issue to a peak.  Putting down roots, building up your foundation, and mining resources from your past are possible themes with this Moon. The Sun's move into your social sector can kick off a period of connecting with friends, exploring new friendships/group activities and generally expanding your social circle, or awareness of how you connect with others. This can be an excellent time to broaden your influence, whether you need to promote your work, or simply want to see who else is out there.


The Full Moon in your communication sector can bring a final answer/signed document/decision or conversation. Words/information (either given or received) will have been carefully thought out, so you can take what you hear to the bank. That goes for what you express, as well; your words will have weight. If you're looking for an appropriate time to say good-bye or give your final answer, this Moon will work in your favour. Once the Sun moves into your career sector, you'll be focused on how far you can proceed along your future path, or if you should be exploring a totally new path. This is an ambitious, accelerating influence, and it will put your career accomplishments in the spotlight.