Setting Sail: Neptune Goes Direct In Pisces

Painting by Ivan Aivazovsky  

Neptune went direct (at 2 degrees Pisces) today. Here's a post I wrote about it going retrograde. I suggested the retrograde period was a "clarification and intensification phase."

Now it's time to move forward. Move forward with what? Whatever you've been reevaluating, exploring or denying since June 7th, 2013. This may be subtle if Neptune's not a big deal for you (natally) or if transiting Neptune isn't hitting any of your planets/angles. Subtle or not, there's a shift in the Pisces area of your chart.

Can you feel it? Pay may be a certainty that you can't define, an urge that you can't explain. A pull down that path. Time to let go, or time to embrace something new. This is Neptune, the planet of dreams, transcendence and belief; it's not about logic, so don't try to define it.

Just go with it.

If you have planets/angles from 2-3 degrees Pisces, Virgo, Gemini or Sagittarius, this will be more than a subtle influence.