The Cup of Opportunity: Jupiter in Cancer Trines the Sun in Scorpio

Here's something nice: the Sun in Scorpio trines Jupiter (retrograde) in Cancer on November 12th, at 20 degrees. But you may be feeling it right now.

This is a happy grace note. Jupiter retrograde's shift in expansion is being supported by the Sun. It's not a huge deal, but it can be a thumbs up from the Universe about what's happening in the Cancer area of your chart. Backing off/going inwards/reevaluating/ changing perspective/altering your course is good.

How will you know? You won't have to force will just flow into place if it compliments your needs (Cancer).

If you want to take advantage of this (it's considered a lucky influence, but it's really just less resistance to opportunities) do something today or tomorrow that's in line with the Cancer/Scorpio occupied houses in your chart.

Things may just go your way.

If you have planets/angles/Nodes (natal or progressed) from 18-20 degrees Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces, you'll feel this energy most strongly.