The Final Answer: Mercury Conjuncts Saturn in Scorpio

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Mercury (communication/information) in Scorpio conjuncts Saturn (reality) at 16 degrees tonight (8:54 PM EST to be precise).  Expect an answer, conclusion or truth.

There were previous hints about this.

On October 8th, Mercury passed over Saturn in Scorpio, and on October 29th, Mercury retrograde backed over Saturn again. The October dates were a preview; maybe you were digging (Scorpio) for information, or had started a process that demanded a definite answer. What you learned in October was not final, but it was preparing you for today.

This might involve getting feedback on a project, completing a course, or telling someone the truth. Whatever you hear or learn or communicate will not be a surprise. And it will be a done deal. Put it in the context of the Scorpio occupied house in your chart.

If nothing specific is happening regarding this influence, you can still work with its energy. Verbalize your boundaries, make a formal declaration/commitment, or say goodbye (even if it's a private, ritual goodbye that no one else hears). What you put into words will be binding.

Mercury/Saturn will be forming a trine with Jupiter (optimism) retrograde (at 19 degrees Cancer) and a sextile with Venus (love, money, values) at 18 degrees Capricorn. These are supportive influences, suggesting that the commitment/ending/feedback will be in your best interests. It may support your future plans, your emotional/financial growth, or your self-esteem. It will also be a doorway into the Venus/Jupiter opposition I wrote about here.

If you have planets/angles from 15-19 degrees Scorpio, Cancer or Capricorn, you'll experience this directly.