The Quiet Truth: Mercury, the North Node in Scorpio, and Chiron Direct

Something subtle is in the subtle you may not notice it unless it hits your planets/angles bang on.

Today (November 18th) transiting Mercury in Scorpio conjuncts the North Node (at 7 degrees). On October 5th, Mercury passed over the North Node, then on November 3rd (when it was retrograde) it backed over the North Node again. This is its third and final pass. Think back to those dates; any themes popping up? This transit will be your final encounter of a deep truth that pushes you forward.

If you have planets/angles between 7-9 degrees Scorpio, there's something in the Scorpio area of your chart that wants your attention. There's information that can help you, even if it makes you a bit uncomfortable.

On November 19th, Chiron (Wounded Healer) in Pisces goes direct at 9 degrees. And Mercury in Scorpio will be trining Chiron from November 18th to 20th. That deep truth will quietly unlock some tears (maybe) or an insecurity. Transiting Chiron pings our hurts. The way to deal with them is through confrontation and acceptance.  What better tool than Mercury (intellect) in Scorpio, the sign that's all about confronting the shadow?

This may sound heavy/scary. It's not. Chiron direct shifts the insecurity/sore spot from internal to external (out it comes) and Mercury is there to help you make sense of it. But the trine is such an easy aspect, that all this will occur in the guise of an inner whisper, quiet discussion or private revelation.

So if you have planets/angles from 7-9 degrees Pisces or Scorpio, you can help yourself (or someone else...all depends what areas of your chart are being activated) by talking/listening/writing. If you want to keep it all to yourself, that's fine as well. As long as you can put what's happening into words. Even if those words make sense to no one but yourself.