Horoscopes for December 15th to December 22nd


December 17th brings us a Full Moon in Gemini, and Uranus direct in Aries. Gemini is the sign of information and communication, so watch for a conversation (or flood of information) that can no longer be held back. Uranus' energy of impulsiveness and sudden change will push all developments forward with urgency and unexpected results. If there's one thing you can count on with this Moon, it's clarity. December 21st is the Winter Solstice, with the Sun entering Capricorn and Venus turning retrograde (in Capricorn) on the same day. After the Full Moon pushes things out into the open, Venus Rx will put the brakes on issues around money, relationships, values and personal security. This will be a time of delays, introspection and reevaluation for all Venus themes.


The Full Moon in your communication sector, combined with Uranus direct in your sign, can signal a major choice, sudden announcement, discussion or piece of information. This could be your big, public statement, or you may learn something that abruptly propels you forward on the uncharted path that Uranus has been blazing. Since Uranus went retrograde, the changes have slowed; get ready for everything to accelerate again. The Sun and Venus retrograde in your career sector suggest a reevaluation of future goals or current work relationships. You'll be looking closely at certain professional connections to determine if they can help you out. Alternatively, you may encounter a work connection from the past that also had romance in the mix.


The Full Moon in your resources sector can signal a culmination in personal finances (involving salary/request for a raise) or emotional security. This could be a realization/discussion about what you really want/deserve. Uranus direct in your hidden sector indicates that an internal/background shift will push you forward (to ask for more) even before you realize that's what you want.  The Sun and Venus retrograde in your opportunities sector urge you to take another look at issues around long distance travel, long distance romance, education, legal matters or publishing. Something new/unusual has been in the works, but now it's time to do what you do best; focus on the concrete value of this opportunity and see if it has staying power.


The Full Moon in your sign can bring a relationship issue to a head, or open up your awareness of the next step in a partnership. Mercury (your ruler) is in your partnership sector, suggesting relationship discussions will be accelerated. Uranus direct (in your social sector) can stir things up even more; all relationship issues (romantic and platonic) will accelerate, and the unexpected can put a partnership on a new path. The Sun and Venus retrograde in your sector of shared resources can see you examining issues around your partner's finances, debts, taxes or loans. Alternatively, physical/emotional intimacy may go through a period of adjustment. In all cases, it's time to slow down and pay attention to mutual boundaries, rules and personal limits. How much are you able to give, and how receptive is the other person?


The Full Moon in your hidden sector suggests release/relief regarding a secret or unacknowledged bit of information. It could be related to health, obligations or work, and Uranus direct in your career sector will push things along as your future goals are jump started again. Some of what comes out may catch you by surprise, but it's all part of the opportunities that are waiting for you on the horizon. You can't move forward if you're bogged down by background worries. The Sun and Venus retrograde in your partnership sector sees you examining certain partnership developments/future plans. It's ok if you don't have it all mapped out; it's too early for certain issues to be carved in stone, so allow the slower pace (or delays) to work in your favour. This is the time to fully evaluate the strength of your (or your partner's) commitment.


The Full Moon in your social sector suggests a public announcement, group decision or  major discussion/discovery involving a friend. Uranus direct in your opportunities sector can amp up the energy of surprise/fate that puts you in the right place at the right time. Even if the message jolts you, go in the direction that it points. The Sun and Venus retrograde in your sector of daily routine suggest taking a closer look at health/exercise issues, duties, co-worker relationships or work tasks. Something favourable is crystallizing, but it needs more work or focus applied to it. Delays are a possibility (especially with the holiday season distracting you from your disciplined routine). For the moment, work on maintaining the progress you've made, rather than breaking new ground.


The Full Moon in your career sector, and Uranus direct in your sector of shared resources,  suggests a work development that catches you off guard, or a discussion with management that reveals more than you anticipated. Sudden career developments could   trigger your next move regarding money owed, or a shift in external status could coincide with developments involving your partner's finances. The Sun and Venus retrograde in your sector of self-expression can trigger a reassessment of a creative project, personal goal or new romance. You'll be looking at how much value you place on what makes you happy, and where your priorities lie. If you haven't been manifesting what you desire, this will be the time to refocus your energies.


The Full Moon in your opportunities sector indicates new information involving long distance travel, education, legal matters or publishing. Be on the lookout for a surprising answer/announcement from a distance. Uranus direct in your relationship sector gets a partnership issue moving, and combined with the Full Moon, a relocation or official announcement could be in the cards (but it probably won't be planned). The Sun and Venus retrograde (your ruler) in your domestic sector indicate that home/family matters will be up for evaluation. You may feel like pulling back and re-considering your options, especially if you're looking at moving in with a partner. Rules for relationship finances (who contributes what to the domestic budget) may also be up for review. Nothing is decided just yet, so take your time.


The Full Moon in your sector of shared resources, and Uranus direct in your sector of work/routine, indicates an unexpected discussion involving debts, taxes, loans or your partner's finances. The information may come out of the blue, but it will clarify things and help you quickly align your resources with health/work issues. Whether you have less to work with than you thought, or more comes at you than expected, you'll know exactly where you stand. The Sun and Venus retrograde in your communication sector can see you reconsidering an answer, message or plan. What sounded good may now demand a second look. It's ok to rethink things, or look a bit closer at a declaration; it may still have plenty of potential, you just have to be sure. This could also be a time read the fine print on a document/contract.


The Full Moon in your partnership sector (and Uranus direct in your sector of self-expression and romance) promise a big leap forward in your love life. Watch for a discussion that clears the air, a major announcement or choice about your next step. All this will hit you suddenly, with a sense that your personal freedom is on the line. It will be a mix of exciting/unnerving, with an undercurrent of "It's about time." For single Sags, watch for an unexpected meeting that quickly accelerates into romance. The Sun and Venus direct in your security sector sees you pulling back on the spending, going over your savings and recalculating your emotional satisfaction. You may not have exactly what you want just yet, so it's time to figure out where adjustments are needed.


The Full Moon in your sector of daily routine, combined with Uranus direct in your domestic sector, brings a sudden answer to a health/work dilemma. You may be surprised at the speed of the solution, or the obviousness (it was in front of you, all along). Alternatively, you may discover that a certain task or obligation doesn't have to be completed. The Sun and Venus retrograde in your sign put you on a intensified track of introspection. It's advisable to pull back and examine recent developments in the context of what you want to keep/develop, and what you want to let go of.


The Full Moon in your sector of self-expression is the moment to promote your work or express a romantic/creative desire. Uranus (your ruler) direct in your communication sector adds urgency or impulsiveness to what you say/hear. A certain issue will push forward and grab your attention; this is not the time to hold back. This influence is positive overall, but be prepared for Uranus' wild card influence; conversations/information may open your eyes to something that you weren't prepared for. In contrast to the impulsiveness of the Full Moon, the Sun and Venus retrograde in your sector of secrets keeps other background plans/potentials on a slow simmer. Something tempting (that you've been mulling over) may now need to be reconsidered.


The Full Moon in your domestic sector (and Uranus direct in your security sector) can signal an abrupt conclusion to issues around family discussions, domestic finances, relocation or a home business. Sudden information about savings/spending may push you in a new direction, or impact your security base. Move forward with this new information; now is not the time to cling to the way things have always been. The Sun and Venus retrograde in your social sector can push you to take a closer look at friends/allies/group affiliations. Your public standing, a friendship or a romantic potential are in a holding pattern, so use this time to evaluate how external developments support (or undermine) your internal values.