Horoscopes For December 22nd to December 29th

Pic by http://natalieshau.deviantart.com/
Pic by http://natalieshau.deviantart.com/


December 21st to the 25th sees Mars (action and initiative) in Libra confronted by a tense opposition to Uranus in Aries. Uranus brings sudden change and liberation, so this energy will be volatile. The Moon in Libra will pass over Mars on the 25th, emphasizing this opposition and making Christmas Day especially unpredictable. People may go to extremes in order to deal with the unexpected, so keep this mind if you're confronted with over-the-top reactions. The best way to handle this energy is to stay open, aware and flexible. Plans may fall through and situations can do a 180. Mars will then build to a pressured square with Pluto (power) in Capricorn on December 30th. External action (Mars) will meet deep changes (Pluto) that have surfaced. This aspect is associated with manipulation, but also great ambition that pushes through obstacles. If you are confronted, or are the one doing the confronting, keep your actions clean. Pluto has a way of whipping around and biting if you use its power destructively.


Mars (your ruler) in your relationship sector opposes Uranus in your sign, suggesting relationship tensions, or confrontations with others. You may have difficulties keeping a lid on your temper, as Uranus will be pushing you past the point of compromise. On the other hand, this influence can clear out stale or pent up emotions. Personal freedom and assertiveness will be the main themes; know that if you shove someone, they'll return the fire. Stay aware of anger/irritability that you're projecting. Mars' building square to Pluto (in your career sector) can trigger ambition-driven power struggles and a showdown between your private life and public reputation/work responsibilities. Remind yourself that you cannot force your will/agenda onto others. Relationships with a business partner can be especially tense, so consider if you can step back, rather than getting locked in a battle.


Mars in your sector of daily routine opposes Uranus in your hidden sector. An unexpected health issue, accident, disagreement with a co-worker or breakdown in your daily life may be triggered by something that's been brewing just out of your line of sight. It could also be your restless urge for freedom/change that sets things in motion. Be aware of short tempers in the workplace, and keep your reactions in check; there's a risk you'll overreact to something small. As Mars approaches the square to Pluto (in your opportunities sector), you may be challenged to break away from your routine/obligations by new developments, the desire to travel or explore. Exploring is ok, but be especially cautious with long distance travel or legal matters; keep risks to a minimum and approach new opportunities with caution.


Mars in your sector of self-expression opposes Uranus in your public sector, pushing you to stand up and demand recognition. Or, attention may be thrust upon you. A new romance can take an unexpected turn, or a personal/creative goal can accelerate. This influence has the potential for success, but it can just as easily swerve out of control. Celebrations can be especially lively, but the risk of overindulging (and overexposing yourself) is emphasized; moderation is the watchword. Mars' building square to Pluto (in your sector of shared resources) suggests sudden expenses, overspending or pushing (or being pushed) past intimate boundaries. When it comes to money, sex or sharing, remind yourself to back off on the demands and (if someone else is pushing you) feel free to take a time out. Minor disagreements can quickly escalate into something more.


Mars in your domestic sector opposes Uranus in your career sector. Family disagreements, professional tensions, unexpected relocations or renovations can keep things edgy around the holidays. Your safest approach is to work in plenty of wiggle room; keep the "must haves" to a minimum and allow family get togethers to be as open as possible. This is not the time to insist on a rigid set of rules. Unexpected career developments can also keep you on your toes. As Mars approaches the square to Pluto in your partnership sector, a relationship showdown may be brewing (this could be with a romantic or business partner). Power-struggles can be destructive with this influence, so pick your battles and be absolutely sure that what you're insisting on is essential. Is there room for compromise? If you're on the receiving end of someone else's controlling behaviour, diplomacy and tactful re-direction can be valuable tools.


Mars in your communication sector opposes Uranus in your opportunities sector. If you want to be heard, this is your time. However, know that you'll be pushed to express yourself loudly, assertively and controversially, so keep this in mind when opening your mouth or sending that email. If you can, pause for 5 seconds before you respond. Alternatively, you may receive some unexpected news that opens up a whole new world for you. This influence has the dual potential to be exciting and unnerving. Travel (both short and long distance) can be risky, so use extra caution. Mars' square to Pluto can crank up tensions with co-workers, or push your resentment button regarding obligations, workload or doing more than your fair share.


Mars in your security sector opposes Uranus in your sector of shared resources. It will be easy to blow your budget in one burst of excitement, so keep an eye on your spending. Unavoidable expenses are also a possibility, but you may find that you have more to work with (or ways to work around it) than you thought. Physical and emotional intimacy can be hot, overwhelming or unnerving. Watch for arguments with a partner that are based on deeply buried issues; if you remain aware that what's making you angry is rooted in an issue that's been demanding release, it could help to maintain clarity. As Mars squares Pluto, you may feel pressured to get/keep what you want, but this aspect can also fire up your ambition and push you out of inertia. Use the energy to pursue a personal/creative goal; you can make serious progress in a short amount of time.


Mars in your sign opposes Uranus in your relationship sector, indicating partnership tensions that could see you swinging between extremes. You may be pushed to react, or pushed past your limit of tolerance. This may also be the time for you to assert yourself. Whatever comes your way, know that you'll be more successful if you can manage to keep it civil and demonstrate your steely grace, even as you make it clear that you mean business. Mars' building square to Pluto in your domestic sector can bring deep-seated family issues to the surface, or push you to confront old habits. Use this energy to power through scenarios that you've outgrown.  Note that certain family members can really push your buttons at this time; you don't have to get sucked into the same, old power struggles.


Mars in your sector of secrets opposes Uranus in your sector of work and health. Watch for hidden anger, resentments or assertiveness to jump out as you're going about your daily business. Whether it's you who reacts unexpectedly, or someone else, your best bet is to keep your routine flexible. Give yourself extra space to respond to the unknown. If there's something you've been holding back/putting off, know that you'll be pushed to deal with it. Mars' square to Pluto in your communication sector can help you get a background potential back on track, or ignite an ambition/goal that you've been unsure about. But as you power up, stay aware of your true motivations; unacknowledged anger/frustration can trip you up.


Mars in your sector of friends and groups opposes Uranus in your sector of self-expression, suggesting the potential for memorable celebrations and fast-paced social occasions. This can be a fun time to cut loose, but know that if you push things too far you'll trigger some abrupt reactions from others. Some will appreciate your extra push for attention, but others won't. Choose your audience accordingly. Mars' building square to Pluto in your security sector can see you determined to make your mark, but competitiveness can come at a price. This energy is excellent for promoting yourself or harnessing social ambition, but it will be easy to disregard others in your push forward. Pluto's energy becomes self-destructive when you use it to overpower others.


Mars in your career sector opposes Uranus in your domestic sector, suggesting a jammed work schedule or career ambitions could be rattled by changes at home. It will be difficult to know where to focus your energy, as private and professional issues vie for your attention. Take a breath and know that you can only push so far. Mars' square to Pluto in your sign can keep your ambition/determination juiced up, but the frustrations may mount as well. When it comes to dealing with management, your public status, a new job or shifting career goals, brute force will only stir up opposition from others. See what happens when you back off (temporarily) and allow others to have their say.


Mars in your opportunities sector opposes Uranus in your communications sector, suggesting surprise developments around long distance travel, long distance messages, education, legal matters or publishing. A new development/answer may come out of nowhere and push you into a fresh chapter before you know what's happening. Alternatively, holiday travel can be more unpredictable than usual, so go slow and have a back up plan. Mars' square to Pluto in your sector of secrets can power you forward into the unknown/unexplored country. Know that motivations (yours or others) may not be as pure/straightforward as you think.


Mars in your sector of shared resources opposes Uranus in your security sector. Watch for unexpected developments regarding debts, taxes, loans or your partner's finances. Sudden expenses or changes in financial status can be jarring, but breakthroughs or turn-arounds are also a possibility. Alternatively, physical/emotional intimacy can heat up, but so can arguments over what you share with/give to another. Mars' square to Pluto in your social sector can turn on the pressure regarding shared finances or intimacy; you may feel pushed to go further/give more than you're ready to. This energy can also make you more determined than ever to confront situations where you feel out of control.