Horoscopes for December 29th to January 5th


The Sun, Mercury and Pluto in Capricorn (reality and authority) will combine their energies, while being hit with tense squares from Mars in Libra, and Uranus in Aries. This amounts to a continuation of last week's tensions, specifically involving the disruption of plans, rules or boundaries. But the New Year offers fresh start, in the guise of a New Moon in Capricorn (on January 1st). This Moon will still be squared by Mars (ambition, anger, initiative) and Uranus (liberation), but it will mark a liberating escape or release from the past disruptions.  The New Moon's proximity to Mercury (information) and Pluto (power) suggest that key insights or conversations will be part of the turnaround.

Here are the dates for each aspect:

  • December 29th: The Sun and Mercury in Capricorn square Uranus in Aries
  • December 30th -31st: Mercury and Pluto in Capricorn square Mars in Libra
  • January 1st: New Moon in Capricorn
  • January 1st: The Sun in Capricorn conjuncts Pluto
  • January 2nd: The Sun in Capricorn squares Mars in Libra


The Sun, Mercury and Pluto (in your career sector) square Mars (your ruler) in your relationship sector, and Uranus in your sign. Future goals and professional life will create friction with a partner (business or romantic). Meanwhile, your continuing urge to do things your way can trigger opposition from those in authority. The upside of all this is your increased ambition to make plow ahead with a work project. Just be sure that you're not sacrificing personal time. The New Moon in your career sector can be a light on the horizon as you achieve a breakthrough (new job opportunity or a meeting with management). The square to Mars can drive you forward with a desire to impress, but a partner may have objections about where you're steering the ship.


The Sun, Mercury and Pluto continue to manifest new developments involving long distance travel, relocation, education, legal matters or publishing. But the squares to Mars (in your sector of work and health) and Uranus (in your hidden sector) suggest that what's new may also throw you off balance (physically or emotionally). Pay attention to your health, stress levels, obligations and work routine; all these areas may conflict with opportunities to move forward. On the other hand, the square to Mars can gift you with extra energy and the initiative to make things work. The New Moon in your opportunities sector can open yet another door into unexplored possibilities; whether this was something you've been pushing for, or an unexpected development, you'll be primed to jump in.


The Sun, Mercury (your ruler) and Pluto (in your sector of shared resources) square Mars (in your sector of self expression) and Uranus (in your social sector). Developments with taxes, debts, loans or your partner's finances can push you to act out, or proclaim your independence. A creative project/personal goal can cost more that you anticipated. Alternatively, physical/emotional intimacy can be intense, while pushing you to take ownership of what you really want. The New Moon in your shared resources sector can signal a turning point (in the above areas) that gives you a fresh perspective,  or chance to bring a relationship closer to where you want it. Your driving motivation through all of this will be the desire to push yourself a bit further.


The Sun, Mercury and Pluto (in your relationship sector) square Mars (in your domestic sector) and Uranus (in your career sector). Shifting rules between you and a partner can cause moments of tension, but it's all part of the two of you making alterations to your existing plan. A relationship is not meant to be static, so take any domestic disagreements in stride. The New Moon in your relationship sector can release much of this tension and give you a second wind. If you feel that you and your partner have reached an impasse, this Moon can signal a way out/way forward. Changes at home (with family, relocations or renovations) can trigger arguments, but also the means to find a solution. Remember that you are both on the same side.


The Sun (your ruler) Mercury and Pluto (in your sector of work and health) square Mars (in your communication sector) and Uranus (in your opportunities sector). Obligations, health routines or co-worker issues can be particularly frustrating. It may seem as if no one wants to work towards a solution with you, or every time you communicate/implement your ideas, a block/breakdown occurs. Don't give up, because the New Moon in your work/health sector can present a much-needed new chapter or solution. There will still be tension between what you think/say and the realities of your situation, but you can drive the necessary changes with your determination.


The Sun, Mercury (your ruler) and Pluto (in your sector of self- expression) square Mars (in your security sector) and Uranus (in your sector of shared resources). Personal goals, a new romance or a creative project may be challenged by money or confidence issues. But at the same time, you'll feel more desire than ever to go after what you want. Yes, you can do it. The New Moon (in your self- expression sector) can offer a reward, breakthrough or opportunity to launch/promote yourself. There's so much energy firing you up right now, it would be a shame to waste it.


The Sun, Mercury and Pluto (in your domestic sector) square Mars in your sign, and Uranus in your partnership sector. Changes at home collide with your energy, as others push against you, and you push back. All this seems to be an unfair attack or power struggle. Unforeseen relocations, renovations, family conflicts or family news may be sudden and upsetting, but the New Moon (in your domestic sector) should present a breakthrough. Even if these new beginnings feel tense and uncertain, Mars is giving you the strength to power forward in the direction that's best for you.


The Sun, Mercury and Pluto (your ruler) in your communication sector square Mars (in your hidden sector) and Uranus in your sector of work and health. Secrets, conflicting stories, unpleasant information or uncertain plans can keep things tense. Whether you're delivering the message, or are on the receiving end, communication in general can feel like a minefield. The New Moon in your communication sector will give you a fresh perspective, push you towards a decision or help you initiate the Big Conversation. This will be your moment to put your cards on the table, or at least clearly express your intentions for change to the Universe.


The Sun, Mercury and Pluto (in your security sector) square Mars in your social sector and Uranus in your sector of self-expression. Issues around money, emotional needs and a general feeling that you're not getting what you want can be troublesome. Some of what is driving this conflict is external, but there's also your growing sense that you deserve more/better. The New Moon (in your security sector) can show you how to pare down, get focused and start taking concrete steps towards financial and emotional stability.


The Sun, Mercury and Pluto in your sign square Mars (in your career sector) and Uranus (in your domestic sector). Your attempts to power forward, deal with issues on the job or simply work out a plan for the future may feel tangled with resistance/disagreements from others. There's a ton of energy in your sign right now, but others can respond to this with distrust, defensiveness or even hostility. Fortunately, the New Moon in your sign will give you a chance to start fresh (at work or home) while giving you a second wind. Watch for a re-boot of your energy, determination and focus.


The Sun, Mercury and Pluto (in your hidden sector) square Mars in your sector of opportunities and Uranus in your communication sector. You may be feeling a push/pull between secret/background developments and new opportunities (involving long distance travel, education, legal matters or publishing). What feels right could be at odds with what looks right, or new developments could be stirring up anxieties in ways you never anticipated. The New Moon (in your hidden sector) is a prompt to follow your gut, even as changes continue to hit you unexpectedly. Use your internal compass to steer, and allow the rest to unfold as it's meant to.


The Sun, Mercury and Pluto in your social sector, square Mars in your sector of shared resources, and Uranus in your security sector. Issues around friends, groups or your public image can feel jarring or beyond your control.  Shared finances (debts, taxes, loans  or your partners finances) or even physical/emotional intimacy can be surprising triggers. Much of what hits you will be initiated by others, but when the New Moon lights up your social sector, you can expect a major turnaround. Whether you choose to extricate yourself from a relationship, or someone else moves on, this new chapter will be a welcome breath of fresh air.