Horoscopes for December 8th to December 15th


Painting by Gillis Claesz. de Hondecoeter



From December 7th to 12th, Jupiter retrograde (in Cancer) trines Saturn in Scorpio. Jupiter's expansive energy has shifted, geared down or internalized with its retrograde motion. The supportive trine to Saturn (limits, rules, authority) will help you focus and consolidate any opportunities that Jupiter has already brought. The key with this influence is building on (or even paring down) what you have so far, before you add anything new. This stabilizing energy can be a relief for those who have felt overwhelmed by Jupiter in Cancer's emotional flood. For these few days, allow yourself to exhale into the changes.


Jupiter retrograde in your domestic sector trines Saturn in your sector of shared resources, indicating that a second look at family support and opportunities close to home may benefit you (financially). Whether you're asking for money from a family member/parent, or figuring out how to deal with debts/taxes/ your partner's finances, there's more resources around than you may realize. At the same time, Saturn's restraining hand may be causing you to think again about big home renovations/additions. In all cases, weigh any expansions/expenses/purchases against your existing financial limits. You can make it work if you gear down your expectations.


Jupiter retrograde in your communication sector trines Saturn in your relationship sector. You can make headway on that big commitment, or those plans for your relationship's future. The key is backing up and approaching the discussion from a different angle. Or, slowing down and hearing what your partner has to say. Alternatively, your partner may offer some common sense advice regarding your expectations/enthusiastic plans; heed what they say and work on developing current ideas, rather than galloping ahead with new ones. For single Taureans, current limits in your love life may have a silver lining. Check where your focus has been pushed, and explore that area further.


Jupiter retrograde in your sector of earned finances trines Saturn in your sector of work and routine, suggesting that a re-evaluation of  financial plans/spending will be in your best interests. If there have been big expenses lately, pay close attention to repairs in your immediate environment or health issues that you've been putting off. Deal with them now, before the expenses increase even more. Take another look at where your money is going, because Saturn suggests that some practical solutions or rules will stabilize you.


Saturn in your sector of self-expression trines Jupiter retrograde in your sign, pushing you to get serious about a creative or personal goal. You've been exploring new territory/opportunities, but now you have to slow down and take care of business. You know what needs to be done, so before you move forward, concentrate your energy on that task. It may feel onerous at first, but it's actually going to help you build a firm foundation for the continued growth (that will happen once Jupiter goes direct).


Jupiter retrograde in your sector of secrets trines Saturn in your domestic sector, suggesting that you'll uncover unexpected/background assistance for responsibilities at home/with family/with a home business. You may find that you have more resources than you thought, or your instincts may kick in and guide you to exactly where you need to be. Alternatively, domestic structures can provide a stabilizing base for private expectations; if you can't go quite as far as you thought, it will actually be to your benefit. Overall, this influence suggests that pulling back and privately working with your options is the best bet.


Jupiter retrograde in your social sector trines Saturn in your communication sector. You can get control of external/public changes with a few, well placed words. Jupiter's retrograde may have shifted your approach to public relations, but laying down some rules/boundaries, and sticking to them, will win you respect. Having a firm plan and writing it down will also help to focus external opportunities; this can be a good time to lay down the framework for your 2014 personal goals/social agenda.


Saturn in your security sector trines Jupiter retrograde in your career sector, suggesting that a certain career path may have more to offer than you thought. Saturn has been keeping your resources tight, pushing you to spend less and become more self-sufficient. This enhanced discipline can help you focus on one, particular work project or opportunity, and get the most out of it. While this won't make you instantly wealthy, it can give you more of a financial or emotional cushion to work with. Consider how you can build your self-esteem by doing a bit less.


Saturn in your sign trines Jupiter retrograde in your opportunities sector, urging you to strongly consider developments around long-distance travel, education, legal matters or publishing. Jupiter retrograde may have caused you to pull back from reaching out, or welcoming new opportunities, but there's already something under your net that has significant juice. Saturn has given you enhanced focus, determination, authority, and the ability to zero in on what matters. Use those gifts now.


Saturn in your hidden sector trines Jupiter retrograde (your ruler) in your sector of shared resources. An adjustment in your expectations/approach to shared finances (debts, taxes, loans, your partner's finances) or physical/emotional intimacy will harmonize with your ongoing efforts to leave the past behind. Saturn is gradually detaching you from a major relationship, lifestyle or habit, and you'll find financial/emotional support with this influence. Don't expect a huge gift or financial windfall, but do look for private support from your partner, or someone who wants to give you a financial break. The theme of this influence is assistance that is not obvious.


Saturn (your ruler) in your social sector trines Jupiter retrograde in your partnership sector. Recent adjustments in relationship growth or expectations will blend nicely with your social agenda. Saturn has been focusing you on public relationships/friendships that matter, and you've become aware of your public authority (or lack of it) at the same time. Watch for these external rules to support your private relationships, in the form of boundaries or a more realistic approach. If a new relationship has recently slowed down,  view it as a necessary part of creating a firm foundation before it grows any further. Single Capricorns can use this influence to focus their partnership hopes on a particular group or public organization. Look a bit closer at that one area you assumed was a dead end.


Saturn in your career sector trines Jupiter retrograde in your sector of work and duties. A slightly different approach to certain tasks at work, or co-worker relationships, can enhance your big-picture success. Management will support you, as well as appreciate your unique perspective. Regarding health matters, Jupiter retrograde is urging you to slow down. Before you continue to overhaul your diet/exercise routine, take the recent changes you've launched, and concentrate on blending them into your long-term goals. Adjustments may be needed in order to see what you can realistically work with.


Saturn in your opportunities sector trines Jupiter retrograde in your sector of self-expression, suggesting that a re-evaluation or slow down in a new romance, creative project or personal goal may be just the reality check you need. Step back to gain some distance on your expectations; can you realistically move forward with things as they are? Saturn's support can help you consolidate what's already developed, as long as you're able to focus and aim for one, particular long term goal, rather than simply aiming for any new horizon.