Jupiter Retrograde in Cancer Trines Saturn in Scorpio

With Mars entering Libra, it's easy to overlook a quiet but helpful influence that's happening right now.

From December 7th to December 12th, Jupiter retrograde (in Cancer) is being supported by a trine from Saturn at 18 degrees Scorpio. Jupiter expands and Saturn limits. Mix them together, and you get focused growth.

I talked about Jupiter retrograde here; a shift or slow down in expansion. That shift (in the Cancer area of your chart) is now being helped out by Saturn. There's a reward here, and it involves working with what Jupiter has already brought you. If you adjust your perspective, you'll see that things can work out.

Some ways this could manifest:

  • You're given more authority/responsibility, which helps you gain more recognition
  • You discover that certain hopes are actually within reach
  • Setting boundaries has a direct benefit
  • New opportunities are crystallized
  • Backing up/doing less helps you calm down and focus

Saturn is real. This reassuring trine suggests that, somewhere in your life, there's a solid reason for you to have faith. Trines are easy aspects, which means you'll have to pay attention to what's developing. It won't be trumpets and sparklers, and you may look at it and say "Is that all?" But remember that Jupiter will be in Cancer until July 16th, 2014. What's manifesting now will be what you build on for the rest of this transit.

If you have planets/angles from 17-19 degrees Cancer or Scorpio, this influence will be most noticeable for you.