Transiting Mars Enters Libra: Fighting For Balance

You may have heard things about Mars' upcoming transit of Libra.

It starts on December 7th, 2013. Then, Mars will retrograde (reverse) from March 1, 2014 to May 19, 2014. And it will finally exit Libra on July 25th, 2014. That's a long time for the planet of action and aggression to be in the sign of social niceties.

Mars will be busy. It will oppose Uranus in Aries and square Pluto in Capricorn; multiple times. It will square Venus in Capricorn. It will square Jupiter in Cancer, AND it will conjunct the transiting North Node in Libra.

Busy, busy, busy. But listen...I don't want you to panic. There will be tense moments, and maybe even tense months for some of you. But you'll manage; you always do. I'm not going to predict disaster, because I don't think that's going to help anyone.

Anyway...I'll write about the aspects (and the retrograde) as we get closer to those dates. For now, know that Mars' extended stay in the Libra area of your chart (wherever the sign Libra is) will activate the issues of that house/those houses. Transiting Mars is the accelerator. Because of its retrograde, it will be going over and over certain issues, and you'll be forced to confront them. No more sugar coating: Libra likes things polite, and Mars is not polite.

Mars in Libra will stir up:

  • passive aggressive behaviour
  • being honest versus being nice
  • romantic competition
  • balancing your desires with someone else's

Most people will initially be throw off balance. I would say, just go ahead and expect that. Accept that you'll feel pushed to one extreme, and then the other. It's'll regain your balance as you deal with those Libra issues. Allow the pendulum to swing, and then think about how you can move it back towards the center. At some point, you'll have to fight (Mars) to find that middle ground (Libra), and stick with it. That will be a bit of a conundrum: fighting for harmony.

Welcome to Mars in Libra.

If you have any planets/angles in Libra, Aries, Cancer or Capricorn, you'll feel this one.