Cool Shot: Mercury Enters Aquarius

Mercury (information and communication) moves into Aquarius on January 11th, giving everyone a shot of cool detachment. With the current Cardinal tension, detachment is a good thing.

Aquarius is rational (despite its rep for rebellion). It stands apart from the crowd and views events from the perspective of a curious, alien observer. The area of your chart that holds this sign is where you can approach things differently. Mercury will activate this area with fresh ideas and clinical observations. None of this will be emotional, but sometimes you need to chill in order to liberate yourself from heated situations.

From January 11th to 14th, Mercury will square the transiting North Node at 4 degrees Scorpio. The North Node is hi-lighting parts of your life where you can advance; untested behaviour/situations that will ultimately be in your best interest to embrace. The square from Mercury will be a prod that reminds you of this. It might be a brief conversation, a random piece of news or a sudden may want to ignore what you hear/learn, but you won't be able to. Aquarian messages are like a splash of cold water. If you have planets/angles from 0-4 degrees Aquarius or Scorpio, you'll be receiving the strongest reminder.

Mercury will be in Aquarius until January 31st, when it moves into Pisces. But then, it will retrograde, starting February 6th. It will back out of Pisces, and into Aquarius (again) from February 12th to March 17th. I'll write more about this closer to the date.