Excessive: Jupiter in Cancer Squares Mars in Libra

Here we are, in 2014. Today's New Moon in Capricorn has (hopefully) given some of you a fresh start. There's more excitement coming up, but it's friendlier than what you were dealing with at the end of December.

Following Mercury in Capricorn's opposition to Jupiter Rx (in Cancer) we have the Sun in Capricorn opposing Jupiter (at 15 degrees) on January 5th. This can extend the Mercury/Jupiter energy, taking enthusiastic ideas (Mercury) and giving them concrete expression (Sun in Capricorn). Because Jupiter is retrograde, this may involve a past project/development. Something that started blooming, but lost momentum. Now, here it is again. Jupiter expands, so how you feel about this depends on how comfortable you are with those Capricorn limits being stretched.

From January 5th to 8th, Mars in Libra will square Jupiter. Ambition (Mars) creates tension with hope/ideals (Jupiter). This is a gung-ho aspect, no matter how you slice it. High energy and amplified gusto. You can do a lot with this one, but it will be emotional. Libra's social correctness will be stampeded in a rush of enthusiasm. That could be ok, if there's a stale/shallow situation that needs livening up. It could be stressful, if you're trying to regain harmony, and someone (even you) floods the whole deal with pushy beliefs or over-the-top displays. But it's still Jupiter, so the overall energy should be positive. Not angry, not dangerous. Just...excessive.

Note that Mars retrograde in Libra will square Jupiter (direct this time) on April 22nd (at 13 degrees). So pay attention to 13-15 degrees Libra and Cancer in your chart: there's a ton of potential there, or an explosive situation (with positive potential).

If you have planets/angles from 13-15 degrees Capricorn, Cancer, Aries or Libra, you can use this energy to break out of a limiting/dull/unhappy situation.