Horoscopes for January 19th to January 26th


The Sun moves into Aquarius today (January 19th) shifting the energy to detached awareness. This sign is an interesting mix of rebel (stepping outside the crowd) and representative of the collective (awareness of the crowd). Understanding who's in the group, without being one of the group. Rule-breaker is only one, narrow definition of Aquarius. The real trick, with this energy, is to reach that place of acceptance that is not driven by an angry rejection of society. The highest expression of Aquarian energy is the understanding that "normal" is meaningless; everyone feels like an outsider at some point in their lives. Everyone gets their turn on the edge.


The Sun enters your social sector, urging you to step out, step back and consider how you fit into the bigger picture. Mercury's transit through this sector may have brought an influx of new faces, fresh conversations and bright ideas about your future. The Sun's energy can encourage you to put some of these ideas into action, or take a look at who you're friends with. You may feel more social, or you may be more detached from your social circle. Either way, the goal is for you to understand who your people are.


The Sun moves into your career sector, spotlighting issues around status, authority and career goals. Mercury's influence in this sector may have opened up discussions with management, or triggered ideas about what you want to do next. Now, the Sun brings a broader perspective. Does your current job reflect who you are? Is it time for a change?  How do you stand apart in your field? This is also a good time to explore other options (if you're so inclined). You're sussing out what looks interesting, but nothing's carved in stone.


The Sun enters your sector of opportunities, turning your focus to long distance travel, education or legal matters. Mercury (your ruler) may have presented you with some interesting/unexpected information and contacts, and now the Sun is pushing you to take a closer look at what's new. It's time to shake things up, reach out, or dive into something totally different, just for kicks. Alternatively, you may find yourself questioning a certain philosophy or ideal; don't discard it just yet, but do consider fresh input.


The Sun enters your sector of shared resources, putting the emphasis on taxes, debts, loans or your partner's finances. Mercury's influence in this sector may have urged you to think/talk about what you share (or what you owe) and now the Sun hi-lights issues around financial independence and/or moving away from limiting financial burdens. What can you do to break free? Alternatively, emotional/physical intimacy may be emphasized, with a contrast between needing to merge and needing personal space. Pulling back, taking a time out or indicating that a new approach is needed does not have to be treated like a stab in the heart. As difficult as it is to cultivate detachment about this area of your life, know that what's happening is a breath of fresh air.


The Sun (your ruler) enters your relationship sector, bringing partnership issues front and centre. Mercury in this sector may have stimulated discussions with a romantic or professional partner, and now the Sun's influence is turning your attention to the bigger question of how you relate to others (on a one on one level). Your ruler's spotlight is not on you, so the issue of how you deal with someone else's desires is crucial. You may also find yourself looking at who you want by your side, and who seems worthy of your attentions. Alternatively, what have you brought to the table in your relationship?


The Sun enters your sector of daily routine, emphasizing issues of service, duty, obligation and health. Mercury (your ruler) has been keeping you busy in this sector, and the Sun's focus will bring up larger issues of what needs to be done, and what you've been avoiding. Yes, it's possible for you to avoid and procrastinate, even if that means busying yourself with other tasks. Alternatively, it may be time to release certain responsibilities or free yourself from stale/limiting routines. This energy is excellent for revitalizing your health/exercise regime, or doing some advanced spring cleaning.


The Sun enters your sector of self-expression, urging you to show off, step out or have fun. Mercury's influence in this sector may have stirred up some flirtatious conversations or creative ideas, and now the Sun's influence suggests this is an excellent time to celebrate. This could mean going out, throwing a party, or just doing/creating something for the pure pleasure of it. You don't have to get crazy, but you can feel confident that now is the time to shine a little brighter.


The Sun enters your domestic sector, hi-lighting home and family matters. Mercury in this sector may have stirred up conversations with those closest to you, or pushed you to ruminate on the past. Add the Sun's influence, and it may be time to pay attention to where you are now versus where you've come from. This energy can also stir up issues around renovations, relocations or home improvements. You may feel like retreating in order to focus on what/who is closest to you, or this more contemplative energy may give you a case of the Winter blahs, where all you want to do is stay home.


The Sun fires up your communication sector. Mercury in this sector has increased the tempo of conversations, introductions, emails, questions and answers. Now the Sun puts your focus on the bigger issue of how you express yourself, and how your words are received. Getting your ideas across has always been important to you, but now may be the time to consider what drives those ideas. Do you speak up just to get a reaction, or are you legitimately trying to open people's eyes? This energy can also fuel your words if you're looking to grab people's attention.


The Sun enters your security sector, hi-lighting matters of financial and emotional resources. Mercury's influence in this sector has got you thinking, planning or discussing financial/emotional issues, and now the Sun puts it all in the larger context of what you need. If your current financial or emotional situation feels less than satisfying, this could be a time to change things. Or, recent shifts may be unfolding quite nicely for you with a new found sense of freedom. The theme is how strengthening your security base can liberate you.


As the Sun moves into your sign, it's time to take stock of the past year and see how far you've come. Mercury's influence in your sign has helped you clarify, plan and get the word out. The Sun represents a new chapter where you can incorporate all the information that Mercury's brought so far (there will be much more). As you start this new cycle, consider your current identity. Outsider? Rebel? Lone wolf? Detached observer? Ideal Friend? You can move forward with that if it suits you, or change things up if it doesn't. You're actually quite fixed in your habits, so while independence may be easy, changing something about yourself that's not working is not always a piece of cake. Turning points like this make it easier.


The Sun moves into your sector of secrets. Mercury's influence in this sector has stirred up whispers, hints and half-formed ideas. Now the Sun's energy may urge you to pull back and stay quiet. This is a time of contemplation and listening to your inner voice. The spotlight will be on you soon enough (when the Sun enters your sign) but for now, it's quiet time. Allow yourself to rest and dream.