Horoscopes for January 5th to January 12th

  Painting by Iliya Repin


January 5th to 8th gives us an energetic square between Mars in Libra and Jupiter retrograde in Cancer. Past or re-evaluated growth (Jupiter) will be triggered by actions, conflict or ambition (Mars). This is a tense aspect, and there will be a temptation to overdo it or push past what's acceptable. However, growth, momentum and optimism can flourish, even the midst of disagreements. Take any discomfort as a sign that your time has come to move. Mercury (information and communication) moves into Aquarius on January 11th. This sign is detached and open to anything new, so expect a welcome influx of fresh ideas and perspective.


Mars (your ruler) in your relationship sector squares Jupiter Rx in your domestic sector, triggering domestic/partnership conflicts. Issues will be based in the past, and could involve a conflict between independence versus nurturing. You may feel a surge of ambition to make sweeping changes, but remember that you're not the only one involved. Alternatively, a home project, relocation or plan for expansion could be emphasized as a relationship accelerates certain developments. Mercury's move into your social sector can put you in touch with more contacts, new friends or a bigger audience. This is a prime influence for exploring new groups; keep your attitude light and curious.


Mars in your sector of work and duty squares Jupiter Rx in your communication sector. Optimistic and exciting ideas/conversations may be triggered by co-workers, or you may jump into a new health/exercise routine with the best intentions. Energy is high and you can accomplish a lot, just keep your expectations in line with reality. It will be easy to get thrown off balance and push yourself (or others) too far. You don't have to accomplish everything at once. Mercury's move into your career sector can get you thinking about new goals/ambitions. Conversations/meetings with management will have an exploratory nature; stay open-minded to any new developments and approaches.


Mars in your sector of self-expression squares Jupiter retrograde in your security sector. This brief window of time holds huge potential for success.  A creative project, personal goal or new romance can take accelerate suddenly. Even if this seems like a brand new development, it's actually based on previous potentials for financial or emotional growth. You won't have to push yourself much to take advantage of this energy (events will take care of that for you); just be primed to jump in and act. Mercury (your ruler) moves into your opportunities sector, and presents information/contacts involving long distance travel, education, legal matters or publishing. Watch for unusual messages/emails from a distance, or from someone completely different. This is also an excellent opportunity to broadcast your message to a wide audience.


Mars in your domestic sector squares Jupiter retrograde in your sign. Current re-evaluations of growth/new opportunities can be accelerated through change/conflict at home. Domestic disputes/tension can push you to act, or shift your approach. Relocations, renovations or changes in a home business can also be impacted. Although this influence won't be calm, it will keep you moving in the right direction while triggering personal breakthroughs. Your energy should be especially high, and mostly optimistic. Mercury's move into your sector of shared resources can trigger discussions around taxes, debts, loans, your partner's finances or physical/emotional intimacy. This detached energy is good for stepping back and viewing intense issues from a distance.


Mars in your communication sector squares Jupiter Rx in your hidden sector. Background potentials or a secret hope/ideal/plan that you've been nurturing may leak out. Whether by accident or design, you'll find it difficult to keep a lid on this, and may find yourself energetically talking about more than you anticipated. Alternatively, your words (or arguments) may be driven by expectations that you weren't aware of, until now. Mercury's move into your relationship sector puts the focus on partnership discussions. This energy supports open communication, so now's the time to put your cards on the table or broach a difficult subject.


Mars in your security sector squares Jupiter Rx in your social sector. A past or dormant opportunity (involving friends, groups or the public) can bring much more than expected. Whether this is a chance to make more money, or feel good about where you're at/what you're worth, this influence can boost your confidence. Your faith in others may be rewarded, or you could find yourself pursuing an opportunity that seemed to be out of your reach. Allow yourself to exceed your expectations. As Mercury (your ruler) enters your sector of work and duty, you'll get busier with small tasks, obligations, or health issues. Day to day life will accelerate, and an outside-the-box approach will serve you best. Watch for new/innovative solutions, or helpful messages from unlikely (or random) sources.


Mars in your sign squares Jupiter Rx in your career sector, providing an energetic leap forward or chance to make a positive impression on management/interviewers. You'll have a greater-than-usual amount of courage, confidence and initiative, so don't hesitate to grab attention for yourself. A past job opportunity or connection may factor into this, or you may push forward with a redirection of current goals. Mercury's move into your sector of self-expression can help you promote yourself (or a creative project) or give you fresh ideas on how to manifest a desired goal. New romance can be interesting and unexpected; keep your options open.


Mars in your hidden sector squares Jupiter Rx in your opportunities sector. Your actions/reactions will be impulsive, surprising everyone (including you). This does not have to be negative, because what comes out can be a huge relief. You may also make an instinctive move in response to external opportunities (long distance travel, education, legal matters, publishing) that ends up working in your favour. Follow your gut. Mercury's move into your domestic sector can stir up family discussions or issues around relocation, renovation, home businesses or past habits/ideas that you'd like to break away from.


Mars in your social sector squares Jupiter Rx (your ruler) in your sector of shared resources. Relationships with friends, groups or the general public can shift suddenly, or accelerate to a new level. Personal issues (involving shared finances or relationships) may push you to seek out new company, or give your social profile a makeover. This is an exciting time to broaden your social circle, but this energy is also volatile; watch out for fast-moving disagreements. Adding to the social vibe, Mercury's move into your communication sector increases the pace/volume of emails, phone calls and conversations.


Mars in your career sector squares Jupiter Rx in your partnership sector. Ambition for career and future goals will be the theme for you. You'll be pushed to move ahead, and an existing relationship (or re-evaluation of your love life) may factor into this. Use this energy to move forward and position yourself in the best possible location. Any tension in an existing relationship will be due to the conflict between ideals and action. Mercury's move into your security sector can open up discussions about salary, or get you thinking about want you need and how you might make that happen. New potentials for earning money (through a second job or by working for yourself) can also pop up.


Mars in your opportunities sector squares Jupiter Rx in your sector of daily routine. Developments involving long distance travel, education, legal matters or publishing can accelerate, as health/work issues pump up the creative tension. A shift in your exercise, diet, obligations or daily tasks can make a huge difference; things may not be perfect, but they rarely are. You'll have a boost of energy, so use it to power forward. Mercury's move into your sign continues the forward momentum, as background ideas come out into the open and you feel inspired. Now is the time to get your point across or get cracking on your next plan.


Mars in your sector of shared resources squares Jupiter Rx in your sector of self-expression, triggering intense/exciting moments of intimacy, or an unexpected burst of resources to power up an existing personal goal/creative project that has (temporarily) run out of steam. Whether you receive assistance, or get your second wind, you can make significant progress in a short amount of time towards something you've been desiring. Mercury's move into your sector of secrets stirs up hints, whispers and half-glimpsed ideas. For the time being, pay attention to (but don't act on) new information.