Jupiter Rx Opposes Pluto in Capricorn

Remember Jupiter in Cancer's opposition to Pluto, back in 2013 (July 26th to August 7th)?

It's happening again, this time from January 20th to January 31st, when it will be exact at 12 degrees. It will feature the same themes: expansion, intensification, emotional power. But this time, Jupiter will be retrograde (reversed). This suggests that you'll be revisiting whatever happened from July 26th to August 7th. Same (or similar) opportunities/ obsessions. Time to take another look at what challenged you, what you were pushing for, or what fired up your fanaticism.

Emotional ideals (Jupiter) are amplified by the challenge from Pluto's authoritative power. You can make some huge changes, as long as you don't go off the deep end. Was there a missed opportunity in 2013? Here's your second chance. Did you go too far with this aspect (the first time)? Now's the time to revisit and correct. Jupiter Rx allows you to reevaluate your hopes, ideals and expansion. And Pluto will push you to make those transformations.

Don't be afraid to take another look, and change what needs to be changed (if you're not happy with it).

Venus in Capricorn (turning direct on January 31st) will also be tied up with this opposition, and I'll write about that tomorrow.

You'll feel this opposition most strongly if you have planets/angles from 8 to 12 degrees Cancer, Capricorn, Libra or Aries.