Questions That I Answer in the Comments Section

If you're a frequent reader of this blog, you know that I've answered most questions about people's natal charts. I've offered brief observations about what impact a certain transit might have on someone's Venus in Libra (for example). For the most part, I've been glad to do this. Unfortunately, it's reached the point where the volume of questions conflicts with the time and energy I devote to my clients.  So from now on, any specific questions such as, "How will this transit impact me" or "This eclipse is going to fall in my 10th House, what does it mean" or "I have X conjunct Y, what can you tell me about this" will not be answered for free. I'll direct you to my services page, instead, or a related bog entry that I've written in the past.

I do value all constructive comments, so feel free to share details of your chart or observations about how a certain transit has impacted you. I'll also continue to answer general, astrological/Tarot questions, as time permits. But if you're looking for a few words of interpretation on your chart, please visit my Astrology Services page.