Hitting Pause; Jupiter Rx Trines Chiron in Pisces

There's a soothing trine (between Chiron in Pisces and Jupiter Rx in Cancer) that's been building since January 24th. It will be exact (at 11 degrees) on February 5th. If you think back to what was happening around August 21st, 2013 (when Jupiter direct was trining Chiron) this could be a repeat.

Chiron (Wounded Healer) is the hurt. The doubt or weakness or sense that something is lacking. Jupiter is abundance and optimism. Harmonize these two and you have emotional (Cancer) support/hope that makes you feel better. This trine says there's help, release, comfort. It's not a miracle, but it's help. Jupiter is Rx, which means you may be revisiting an issue. Or, you could find that if you pull back, you'll hit that sweet spot where things work out. Adjust your expectations, accept that you can't quite move forward with X, and it could benefit you. Hit pause, and see what happens. This aspect is especially supportive of meditation, or emotional stillness that heightens your awareness.

One day later (February 6th) Mercury goes retrograde in Pisces, suggesting yet another shift, pull back or reevaluation. Where Pisces and Cancer sit in your chart are where you'll be pausing to regroup and heal.

Consider the benefits of (temporarily) not moving forward, in these areas (Cancer/Pisces). Everything unfolds in its own time.

If you have planets, angles or Nodes from 11-12 degrees Pisces or Cancer, you'll benefit the most from this trine. This applies to Progressed charts as well, but will be felt most strongly in natal charts.