Pathways Opening Up

Some smooth paths are opening up in the next few days. Will you make the most of them?

The Sun in Pisces trines Saturn Rx in Scorpio, exact on March 13 (at 23 degrees). But you can probably feel this energy now. Solid support (Saturn) for what you can't pin down (Pisces). Dreams, hope, faith, healing. What's "not practical" is given a realistic framework.

What's making up that framework? As I explained in this post, Saturn Rx in Scorpio is what you uncover when you dig deeper. A trine enables (without obvious tension) so there's a sense of something sliding into place. A chance to manifest what had only been glimpsed before, or a moment of grace as you delve deeper into a situation that calls for hidden reserves of strength. 21-23 degrees Pisces, Scorpio or Cancer are the natal degrees to be aware of, for this aspect.

From March 13th to 14th, the enabling continues with Mercury in Aquarius trining Mars Rx in Libra (at 26 degrees). Thoughts blend with, and are encouraged by, actions (even if those actions are indirect). This aspect happened on January 24th (20 degrees) and February 16th (when Mercury was Rx at 26 degrees). So there's a message that's being repeated; what you initiate with others finds its optimum expression through detached, clear thinking/communication. You make the effort, put it out there, and detach yourself from expectations. Give others the space and freedom to absorb what you've said/done. 20-26 degrees Aquarius, Libra and Gemini are the hot spots for this aspect, so if you have planets/angles/Nodes at those degrees, pay attention. Note that I'm including the entire degree range that was touched by this aspect since it first happened on January 24th.

Heres the thing to remember with trines; they allow events to happen, but you have to set things in motion.