The Mean Nodes Enter Libra/Aries

Back in February, I wrote about thetransiting True Nodes moving into Libra/Aries. Today, the transiting Mean Nodes are making the shift.

What I find interesting is, despite the differences in dates, both shifts coincided with an emphasis on Pisces energy. February 18th (when the True Nodes entered Libra/Aries) marked the Sun’s ingress into Pisces. Today (March 22nd) Mercury in Pisces forms an exact conjunction to Neptune.

Seems like it doesn’t matter how you calculate your Nodes; the transiting North Node into Libra/South Node into Aries is backed up with the message of empathy, release and a less aggressive approach.

Of course, if you focus on that Aries, South Node energy, you can get stuck in the trap of making sacrifices (Pisces) for the aggressor (Aries). Or taking action (Aries) without paying attention to the subtleties (Pisces). Yes, even though Mars (Aries’ ruler) is Rx.

Tomorrow, I’ll write about the significance of transiting Mars Rx in Libra, as the transiting South Node ruler.