The Moon of Fine Adjustments: Full Moon in Virgo

The upcoming Full Moon (on March 16th) at 26 degrees Virgo is the moment to make adjustments.

Virgo is the sign of improvements, solutions and detailed changes. Nothing dramatic, just a nudge here or there. Since Full Moons are culminations, this one will feature the results of what you've improved (or haven't). But Mars Rx in Libra will be hitting the Sun in Pisces with an inconjunct, on the same day. Actions (Mars) will need to be adjusted to what doesn't respond to actions (Pisces). Pisces is the sign of transcendence and letting go; allowing things to happen.

But hey...Mars is retrograde, so external initiatives will be delayed and internalized anyway. That works well with Pisces' energy. Back up, slow down and accept that certain things are beyond your control (Pisces). Adjust your actions to accommodate what you can't touch, while dealing with the results of what you have touched (and edited) in the real world (Virgo).

I'll be honest...this does not feel like a Moon where you get the Big Reward. It's more like a work in progress. Here's where you are so far, and there's more to be written. In the meantime...fiddle with the small things and edge yourself closer to what you want.

Some Virgo themes which may be prominent during this Full Moon:

  • health/diet/illness/diagnoses
  • details
  • service/sacrifice
  • improving/perfecting

If you have planets/angles/Nodes (Progressed or natal) from 25-27 degrees of the Mutable signs (or from 25-27 degrees Libra) you'll feel this Moon most strongly.