Horoscopes for April 27th to May 4th


April 29th features a New Moon eclipse in Taurus, with Mercury in Taurus trining Pluto Rx in Capricorn (on the same day). Taurus’ fixed, earthy energy promises solid new beginnings. Mercury (information and communication) is powered up by Pluto Rx to offer simple yet transformation answers. There are deeper truths here, but they will also be obvious. This eclipse has ais a back-to-basics vibe; honesty, commitment and personal values will be crucial. The overall feeling is positive and supportive, but know that what manifests will be a slow starter. You can’t rush this chapter, so just accept what you learn and dig in for the long haul.

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The New Moon eclipse activates your security sector, and Mercury in your security sector trines Pluto Rx in your career sector. This suggests positive new beginnings involving a raise, or at least discussions around a salary increase. What starts now (whether it involves money or emotions) will be about asking for what you need, or receiving a firm confirmation of something that’s been in the works. Relationships can benefit from straightforward discussion and agreements around personal power.

  • New beginnings: earned money, emotional security, self-esteem
  • Fruitful discussions or information: talks with management/authorities, your public status, career path


The New Moon eclipse in your sign coincides with Mercury (in your sign) trining Pluto Rx in your opportunities sector. This suggests information/discussions that propel you into an area that’s quite different from what you’re accustomed to (although there may have been developments here for awhile). The key is to establish a solid foundation, and move deeper into a new area, rather than skimming the surface. You don’t have to take risks that make you uncomfortable; this eclipse is taylor made for you with its promise of a slow, steady progression. This energy is especially good for promoting yourself to a wider audience or intensifying your understanding of a new subject.

  • New beginnings: public image, relationships, physical appearance, personal goals
  • Fruitful discussions or information: long-distance travel, education, legal matters, teaching, publishing


The New Moon eclipse activates your hidden sector, while Mercury (your ruler) in your hidden sector trines Pluto Rx in your sector of shared resources. Secrets or buried issues could be stirred up, and the topics may range from intimacy to financial issues to psychological discoveries. Intensified developments in these areas are making something impossible to ignore. You may be asked to talk about more than you’re comfortable with, or you may find yourself pushing for more information on a sensitive topic. Alternatively, realizations may slowly emerge around something that you’ve overlooked. This is just the beginning, so don’t draw any conclusions just yet. But do know that what you’re learning is pivotal. These energies are encouraging for private discussions around “taboo” topics.

  • New beginnings: secrets, private matters, overlooked issues
  • Fruitful discussions or information: debts, taxes, loans, your partner’s  finances, physical/emotional intimacy, psychological exploration


Thew New Moon eclipse triggers your social sector, while Mercury in your social sector trines Pluto Rx in your relationship sector. A new group, friendship or social connection may emerge, and shifting energies with a partner (or potential partner) will play a role. A new romance (friend to lover? meeting a partner through friends?) is also possible. Slow and steady is the theme here, and your evolving understanding of what’s authentic in your love life is part of the shift. For career, these energies suggest a positive new business partnership that can support your public ambitions.

  • New beginnings; friends, groups, the collective
  • Fruitful discussions or information: all partnerships (business or romantic) public promotions, your position within the group


The New eclipse Moon activates your career sector, while Mercury in your career sector trines Pluto Rx in your sector of routine. A new job or position could start, or you may experience a major adjustment in your career path. What you communicate/hear will blend nicely with changes that have been happening in your daily life. Watch for public recognition of your efforts, or a harmonious agreement between changes in your health and your public status or professional efforts. This is where you may finally see rewards for the work that you thought no one noticed.

  • New beginnings: career, dealings with management, public status
  • Fruitful discussions or information: duties, obligations, daily routines, co-worker relationships, health, diet, exercise


The New Moon eclipse hits your opportunities sector, and Mercury (your ruler) in your opportunities sector trines Pluto Rx in your sector of self-expression. Success and exploration are the themes for you, as the eclipse opens up brand new territory. Whether you relocate, travel or try something outside your comfort zone, it’s time to broaden your horizons. Fortunately, Taurus energy is compatible with yours, so you can take your time and dip your toe in the water. Mercury’s trine with Pluto suggests that a personal goal, creative project or intense romance (that’s been in the works for awhile) may be part of the package. It’s time to get serious about what you’ve been pondering; what you hear or discuss will be what propels you forward. If you’re looking to get your writing published, or are thinking of applying to a school, this is the time to do it. Signing of official documents are also favoured.

  • New beginnings: long distance travel, education, legal matters, teaching, publishing
  • Fruitful discussions or information: creative works, new romance, performance, children


The New Moon eclipse activates your sector of shared resources, and Mercury (in the same sector) trines Pluto Rx in your domestic sector. New developments can cement a financial or relationship chapter; you won’t have to guess what you owe, what you can afford or where you stand with someone. This security is enhanced by Mercury’s trine to Pluto which connects these developments with ongoing changes at home. Setting up house with someone, putting a downpayment on a mortgage or deciding that you’re going to do things differently this time (and actually following through) are a few possibilities. These energies also support research or intensive conversations around a previously hidden subject.

  • New beginnings: debts, taxes, loans, your partner’s finances, physical/emotional intimacy
  • Fruitful discussions or information: private/intimate subjects, domestic issues, family secrets


The New Moon eclipse in your partnership sector can bring a solid, new relationship or signal a new chapter in an existing relationship. Mercury (in your partnership sector) trines Pluto Rx in your communication sector,indicating that honest, straightforward discussions will play an essential role. You’re not a fan of ambiguity, so you should feel secure with the “Yes or No” vibe. Even if you don’t hear what you want, know that you can move forward with certainty that there is no going back.Pluto Rx has been pushing you to get certain answers, and that may happen now. A professional partnership can also flourish as a contract is signed and details are cemented. Whatever happens, the theme of solid commitment will be paramount.

  • New beginnings: partnerships (romantic or business)
  • Fruitful discussions or information:contracts, formal agreements, commitments, definitive answers


The New Moon eclipse activates your sector of routine, while Mercury (in your sector of routine) trines Pluto Rx in your security sector. This new chapter will not be flashy, but it will involve building a new foundation (in your work, daily life or health) that you can count on. New tasks, commitments or details will enhance your security. Practical information/solutions, co-worker discussions or medical diagnoses can all work in your favour. This is also supportive of lucrative financial advice.

  • New beginnings: daily routine, commitments, work tasks, health, diet, exercise
  • Fruitful discussions or information: financial information, diagnoses, medical advice, co-worker discussions, home repairs


The New Moon eclipse activates your sector of self-expression, and Mercury (in the same sector) trines Pluto Rx in your sign. This is your opportunity to create something precious and lasting. Whether it involves new romance, children or artistic work, Mercury’s powerful link to Pluto indicates that you’ll hear or say something that positions you exactly where you want to be. A project or deeply desired personal goal that’s been in the works can manifest, especially if your full intentions are behind it. You’re off to a fantastic start, but be prepared to do some serious work and honour Pluto’s agenda (of amputating anything from the past that represents old fears/limiting rules).

  • New beginnings: new romance, creative projects, performance, children, pregnancy, writing (especially poetry/stories)
  • Fruitful discussions or information: focused intent that moves you away from the past, personal ambitions, promoting your work, fateful introductions, news that confirms you’re getting what you want


The New Moon eclipse triggers your domestic sector, and Mercury in your domestic sector trines Pluto Rx in your hidden sector. You’re entering a new era that involves a shift in family dynamics/responsibility, a physical relocation or personal commitment to overhaul your life. Mercury’s connection to your sector of secrets can add subconscious or dream-work energy to the mix; what’s hinted at or suspected will play an important role.These changes may be visible to no one but yourself (or a trusted family member) but they can still be quietly transformative. There’s a feeling of looking deeper for essential nourishment, and finding it.

  • New beginnings: home, family, relocation, home business
  • Fruitful discussions or information: secrets, background potentials, overlooked details, meditation, gut feelings, dreams


The New Moon eclipse activates your communication sector, and Mercury (in your communication sector) trines Pluto Rx in your social sector. Discussions, meetings, contracts and public awareness are emphasized. Words are especially powerful for you during this eclipse, and a new social or career chapter is on the horizon. Whether you’re looking to meet others, promote a cause, promote your work or speak publicly, these energies can ensure that what you communicate will have a lasting impact. Alternatively, watch for a significant new development with siblings that confirms or blends with your shifting relationships to others.

  • New beginnings: discussions, introductions, emails, phone calls, meetings, issues with siblings
  • Fruitful discussions or information: public image, friendships, social relationships, social status