Mercury Enters Aries: Urgent Message

Mercury (information and communication) entered Aries today, emphasizing bluntness and impulsiveness, in speech and ideas. Not a lot of pondering here: words come directly from the gut, driven by anger or impatience. Mercury in Aries says "Now!"

Mercury will be pinging the Cardinal Cross planets.

On April 14th, it will square Jupiter (at 12 degrees Cancer) and then conjunct Uranus at 13 degrees. This will be a significant day for those with planets/angles/Nodes from 11-14 degrees of the Cardinal signs. Jupiter will inflate ideas/words, while Uranus will add the element of surprise. Jupiter plus Uranus equals the lucky break. Unexpected optimism. You may hear (or think of) something that turns it all around at the last minute. Or...this could be the Big Reveal that bounces out of your control. If there's something you're trying to keep under wraps, be very cautious about what you communicate around this time (although you may not have control over what's exposed). Also, know that whatever you communicate around this time will probably p*ss someone off. Mercury in Aries' message is not mellow or agreeable.

On April 15th, Mercury will square Pluto (power) in Capricorn, which also happens to be the day of the Full Moon eclipse in Libra. And on April 16th, Mercury will oppose Mars Rx (at 16 degrees) in Libra. I'll write about all this tomorrow, but for now, know that the results of the surprise message/idea will be seen almost immediately. You won't have to wait long with the Cardinal signs, especially when Uranus and Jupiter are involved.

The best ways to make use of this energy:

  • cut through the red tape
  • have a cards-on-the-table discussion
  • get your point across (be careful with this...words will pack a punch)
  • brainstorm a sticky problem: come up with a crazy-inspired solution

Overall, whatever you hear/learn will be designed to wake you up.

Mercury will be in Aries until April 23rd. Peak days will be April 13th to 16th.