Horoscopes for May 18th to May 25th


This is a week of fresh, forward-moving energy. On May 19th, Mars (action, initiative) in Libra goes direct after two months of reversed movement (since March). Frustrated or misdirected actions, low confidence and hesitation (especially in the areas of relationships) can be released. This energy can also trigger conclusions to long-simmering arguments/resentments. Mars’ Rx cycle was the time to consider actions, and Mars direct is the time to take those actions. On May 20th, the Sun enters Gemini, putting the celestial spotlight on multiple streams of information, solutions and new ideas. If it’s interesting, cutting-edge or clever, it will be a theme during Gemini season. This sign asks you to look at existing issues from a different perspective, and be open to new introductions, voices or ideas. Overall, you can ignite something this week, or jump into a fresh chapter without looking back.


Mars (your ruler) goes direct in your relationship sector. This energy can signify the return of your confidence or assertiveness in all partnership matters. An existing relationship may come to an end (as you head for the exit) or you may decide that it’s time to debut the new you and sweep a new or existing partner off their feet. The Sun’s move into your communication sector can keep things rolling with new ideas, introductions or multiple approaches to the same issue. Issues/discussions with siblings can also be hi-lighted.

  • Forward movement: partnerships (business or romantic)
  • Spotlight on: emails, phone calls, discussions, introductions, siblings


Mars direct in your sector of routine can bring relief in the form of clarified work tasks or co-worker relationships. Delays (at work, or regarding personal obligations) can lift as you finally get a handle on an approach to an irritating issue. Health and energy levels can also rebound; this is the perfect time to launch a new exercise routine, or to see progress regarding changes in diet or medication. The Sun in your resources sector gets you thinking about a pay increase, spending habits or alternate sources of income. It’s time to look at other ways to boost your security, by incorporating new/innovative techniques.

  • Forward movement: co-worker relationships, work tasks, obligations, health matters, energy level
  • Spotlight on: earned money, emotional security, self-esteem


Mars direct in your sector of self-expression can put a creative project into high gear, clarify your actions around a new romance or juice up your initiative to go after what you want. Whether it’s celebration, flirtation or recognition for your efforts, you’ll have an easier time as blocks drop away and your actions are suddenly in synch with everyone else. The Sun’s entrance into your sign keeps the life-affirming energy rolling, putting you in the spotlight and giving you a boost of confidence/focus/intention. This is your week to launch or re-boot.

  • Forward movement: creative/artistic projects, new romance, parties, children, pregnancy, performance
  • Spotlight on: your identity, public image, confidence


Mars direct in your domestic sector can push you past simmering family tensions, get a renovation/relocation into a productive groove or re-invigorate your efforts around the house. A lack of ambition to tackle new projects or assert yourself regarding family matters should be replaced by a clear path forward; you’ll know what actions to take, andyou’ll be ready. On the other hand, the Sun’s move into your hidden sector can stir up buried issues that require quiet contemplation. Use Mars’ direct movement to clear out whatever’s been clogging things up for the past months, and then turn your attention to what’s stirring in the background.

  • Forward movement: home, family, domestic tensions, relocation, home business
  • Spotlight on: secrets, overlooked issues, what’s not obvious


Mars direct in your communication sector can push you to finally say/write it. Now’s the time to have that discussion or lay it on the line, because you’ll know how to phrase it (even if there’s anger/frustration mixed in). A long-simmering argument can finally be hashed out, or someone else may put their cards on the table. Matters with siblings can also come to a head. The Sun in your social sector can bring dynamic, new introductions or get you out and about to re-connect with old friends. This energy favours promoting yourself to the public, or simply broadening your social circle.

  • Forward movement: discussions, arguments, issues with siblings, writing, answers
  • Spotlight on: friends, groups, public image, public speaking


Mars direct in your security sector can push you to demand more and (finally) receive it. Delays or hesitation around income or emotional satisfaction will be released. You can use this energy to initiate negotiations (in business or romance) or uncover new sources of income. As the Sun enters your career sector, your upward momentum continues. Personal authority, ambition and success will be in the spotlight; it’s time to open up your career options, or explore discussions with management about what’s next for you.

  • Forward movement: earned money, self-esteem, emotional security, emotional  demands, earning power
  • Spotlight on: career, status, job search, promoting yourself


Mars direct in your sign signals the launch that was promised months ago. Mars Rx may have frustrated efforts to assert yourself, but you’re about to break through that wall. Whether a project comes to fruition, or you get your mojo back, it’s full steam ahead. Leaving behind what (or who) was dragging you down, and/or saying hello to someone who makes you feel good may be part of this. The Sun enters your opportunities sector, continuing the theme of stepping out. What’s new, what’s next, what was (up until a few days ago) seemingly out of reach is now in your sights. Go for it.

  • Forward movement: confidence, public identity, energy level, romance
  • Spotlight on: long distance travel, education, legal matters, publishing


Mars direct in your hidden sector can light a secret fire (that’s been smouldering for months) or signal a deeper awareness that now is the moment to let go. The timing wasn’t right for so long, but now you’ll feel a shift and want to press forward. However, know that much is still unclear; it’s cooking, but it’s not quite ready yet. Continue to prepare, but save the definitive action for when Mars enters your sign (in July). Meanwhile, the Sun in your sector of shared resources turns your attention to deeper matters; self-evaluation, private conversations, investigation, or a close look at your finances may be coming up.

  • Forward movement: secrets, background issues, what needs to be released
  • Spotlight on: debts, taxes, loans, your partner’s finances, physical/emotional intimacy


Mars direct in your social sector can get things rolling in the guise of new friends/acquaintances, or putting old conflicts to rest. Months of mixed social messages or frustrations around groups, public image or affiliations can now be resolved as you power forward with renewed confidence. As the Sun enters your relationship sector, partnership is on your mind. Whether you’re single or involved, you’ll be actively comparing where you are now to where you’ve come from, and what’s coming up next. Professional partnerships can also be under review.

  • Forward movement: friends, groups, public promotions, your social life in general
  • Spotlight on: partnerships (business or romantic)


Mars direct in your career sector can get you back in the groove regarding ambition, goals and future success. A delayed meeting, contract or work project can move ahead, and you should find it easier to approach higher- ups as well. This is prime time for job hunting or promoting your business, as actions that were previously out of step will now flow with the current. The Sun’s entrance into your sector of daily routine adds more emphasisto work prospects, this time in your immediate environment. Co-worker relationships, work tasks and obligations will be hi-lighted, and it could be a busy time in general as the number of tasks increase. Health matters can also be an issue as you gear up to meet your increased workload.

  • Forward movement: career, future goals, dealing with management, public promotions, job search, ambition, career confidence/competition
  • Spotlight on: tasks, obligations, co-workers, diet, exercise, physical energy, daily priorities


Mars direct in your opportunities sector can mean the time to move up, out or into new territory is at hand. Delays or uncertainty around distant projects/goals may now lift, or you may find your (previously dormant) desire to explore is back in full swing. The Sun’s entrance into your sector of self-expression adds to the theme of putting it out there, as your focus switches to creative projects, getting attention and showing off a particular talent or charm. Combined with Mars direct, this is prime time to promote your writing to a wider audience. Issues with children can also be hi-lighted.

  • Forward movement: long distance travel, relocation, education, legal matters, publishing
  • Spotlight on: creative efforts, celebrations, play, flirtations, performance, children, pregnancy


Mars direct in your sector of shared resources can signal progress in financial matters or trigger a breakthrough around intimacy issues. This shift signals a time to release old resentments/anger/self-destructive habits (in love or money) and push forward (or deeper); you can make significant progress in a short amount of time now, after months of delays. The Sun’s move into your domestic sector brings family, relocation or home renovation issues into the forefront. Watch for multiple options around where to move, what to change or how to approach an issue. Family discussions are especially favoured; this energy is open, fluid and conducive to fresh ideas.

  • Forward movement: debts, taxes, loans, your partner’s finances, physical/emotional intimacy
  • Spotlight on: home, family, home business, relocation, renovations, home routines, issues rooted in the past/childhood