Mars Direct in Libra: All Systems Go (Almost)

Mars in Libra goes direct (finally) on May 19th, at 9 degrees. Whatever's been delayed/repressed/denied (in the house occupied by Libra) can now fully express itself. The Venus/Mars opposition loosened things up, but Mars direct means "all systems go."

Or does it?

There will be a Yod adding a note of caution on this day. Mercury (information and communication) in Gemini will inconjunct Saturn Rx in Scorpio (exactly) on May 18th, and Venus in Aries will inconjunct Saturn on May 19th (at 19 degrees). The Mercury/Saturn inconjunct will still be felt (because it's part of a larger, aspect pattern). Yods are tense configurations, with two inconjuncts (awkward aspects that demand adjustment) aiming a tremendous amount of pressure at the focal planet (Saturn). Venus in Aries wants to charge forward, and Mercury in Gemini wants multiple options. These energies blend nicely with Mars direct, but Saturn Rx will present reasons to slow down. Not stop, just move forward with an awareness of boundaries and obligations.

This Yod will only be felt on May 19th. But it will be a call for deliberation on this first day of Mars direct. 18-19 degrees Scorpio is the area to watch in your chart. What's going on there? What deeper limits (or resources) have you encountered? Don't let them stop you in your tracks, but don't ignore them. Saturn Rx is the solution to the tension of this Yod; use it to focus Venus' ambition and Mercury's multi-tasking.

And remember that Saturn Rx is still part of the Grand Water Trine, so you've got a continuous current of support in the background.

If you have progressed or natal planets/angles/Nodes from 8-9 degrees of the Cardinal signs, Mars direct will give you a definite nudge forward. Anything from 18-19 degrees Scorpio, Aries or Gemini will be caught up in the Yod.