More on Mercury in Cancer (and Venus in Taurus)

Mercury at 0 degrees Cancer is sextiling Venus in Taurus. It's a harmonious aspect, but only for today. This fleeting sextile may only be felt by those with something at 0-1 degrees Taurus or Cancer, but the Taurus/Cancer theme will be extended until Mercury backs into Gemini. The fact that these planets entered new signs within one day of each other (Venus on May 28th and Mercury on May 29th) shifts the overall mood to feeling safe and satisfied.

Venus in Taurus is personal resources, and Mercury in Cancer is about articulating feelings. Mercury in Cancer can be whiny and grumpy, but let's think about that.  If you're dissatisfied, you'll either feel sorry for yourself (whine) or get irritated (grump). I think that's ok, as long as you can identity what's missing. And then do something about it. Venus in Taurus says it's essential to own your beauty/self-esteem/emotional wealth. Guard it if you have it, grow it if you don't. If you're missing it but not growing it, Mercury in Cancer will probably trigger a whine or a grump. Zero in on that, and work with transiting Venus in your chart.