Transiting Venus Conjuncts the South Node in Aries

Venus in Aries moves over the transiting South Node (at 26 degrees) on May 26th. This is a brief influence, but it's significant for people with anything (planets/angles/Nodes) from 25-26 degrees of the Cardinal signs.

The transiting South Node (via the natal house, and natal ruler of the sign it's in) indicates what's culminating in your life. It describes a situation/behaviour that needs to be examined and released. When transiting Venus moves over the South Node, some may be confronted with a call to let go of certain relationships/financial habits/standards of appearance that they have been pursuing (Aries).

Venus over the South Node means move on from the fruitless chase. What comes to mind is chasing after romantic partners who have no interest in you, or who are just bad for you. But Venus rules money, values and self-esteem, so this could just as easily refer to any habits (in those areas) that are no longer valid. It's Aries, so there's a theme of active pursuit. It may be time for a course correction.

Venus rules Libra, which is where the transiting North Node (new situations that you should embrace) is. There's a shift here, and it involvesre-balancing your social/romantic ambitions. Sometimes you get so fixated on a particular goal that you forget (as you pour all your energy into it) that it's a misuse of your energies. The North Node in Libra asks you to consider a more objective view of what you desire.