Feel, Don't Think: Influences For June 27th - 29th

After tomorrow's New Moon trine Neptune...

the Sun (in Cancer) trines Neptune Rx (at 7 degrees Pisces). AndVenus in Gemini squares Neptune. And Mars in Libra inconjuncts Chiron Rx at 17 degrees Pisces. All building from June 27th and exact on June 29th.

You've got Venus square Neptune; wanting to trust what sounds good. You've got the Sun trine Neptune; harmony between dreams and the main focus for that day (7 degrees Cancer in your chart). But...Mars inconjunct Chiron. A disconnect between social actions/initiatives and touchy issues. Actions may be ill-timed, hurtful or just plain awkward.

Overall, the tense aspects outweigh the harmonious ones. So you'll want to use caution, especially in relationships (Venus/Mars are both afflicted). You may want to jump forward because it will seem like a great idea, or someone else will convince you it's a great idea. But your timing may be off (way off). However, the Sun's trine to Neptune suggests that the New Moon's energy will continue to expand, so look at 7 degrees Cancer in your chart as the safe place to trust.

Whatever begins on the New Moon is a good bet; focus on that feeling (Cancer). In this case, your emotions will be the best guide. Trying to intellectualize, classify, choose sides or go with what looks good on the surface will lead you astray (Gemini and Libra are air signs, whose realm is the intellect). These combined influences feel like stumbling around at the start of a journey. Left, right or straight ahead are all questionable if you use pure logic, or go with what looks/sounds acceptable. But if you pay attention to that initial impulse...the core need that started everything...you'll stay on track.

Fortunately, these tense influences will only be felt from June 27th to 29th.

If you have natal/progressed planets, angles or Nodes from:

  • 6-8 of the water signs you'll feel the Sun's trine to Neptune Rx
  • 16-18 degrees Libra or Pisces you'll feel the inconjuct