Horoscopes for June 15th to June 22nd

Painting by Georges Jules Victor Clairin  


On June 17th, Mercury retrograde backs into Gemini once more, suggesting a second look at choices, information or discussions. Alternate or overlooked options are a theme (people may change their minds) however nothing is final until Mercury goes direct on July 1st. On June 19th, Mercury Rx meets up with the Sun in Gemini, giving this day prominence for a key clarification, meeting (with someone from the past) or crucial discussion. On June 21st, the Sun enters Cancer and kicks off the Summer Solstice. The longest day of the year marks a high-point for light, life and the celebration of birth.  Solar energy is at its peak, making this day ideal for affirming what you have created in your life. If you’re not happy with what you’ve manifested, you can explore what needs to change. We all have the power of creation, and this is the day to tune into that power.


Mercury backs into your communication sector, revisiting a discussion or idea. As it meets the Sun, watch for the return of a key person or piece of information (siblings could be involved). There may be a loose end to tie up in a conversation you thought was over. This is a good time to review your choices, but not the time to make final decisions. The Sun’s entrance into your domestic sector turns your attention to home, family, nostalgia or celebrating ties with those closest to you.

  • Issues are increased or revisited: emails, discussions, phone calls, offers, questions, key person/sibling, piece of information that was overlooked/forgotten
  • Focus on: home, family, renovations, relocations, home business, childhood, the past leaks into the present


Mercury backs into your sector or personal resources, and as it meets the Sun, a financial  or security matter may be up for discussion once more. Another look at relationship choices, or a second crack at a pay increase may be on the table. Nothing is final while Mercury is Rx, so don’t count on a definitive solution just yet (but others may be open to your ideas). Consider taking a closer look at your financial options, especially if there are documents to sign. The Sun’s entrance into your communication sector emphasizes the energy of discussion, as all matters of communication are energized. This is the moment to speak up and express yourself (especially if you’re having second thoughts).

  • Issues are increased or revisited: discussions around a raise, rate increase, financial options, relationship needs, what you want/deserve/are worth, financial documents
  • Focus on: discussions, emails, phone calls, introductions, siblings, meetings, gathering information


Mercury (your ruler) backs into your sign, and as it meets the Sun, you may return to a past project or decision. Use this energy to clarify your thoughts, organize your options or revisit an important discussion. Delays or miscommunications are also a possibility,  even as the pace of brief meetings and discussions increase. It could also be time for Plan B. The Sun’s entrance into your sector or personal resources draws your attention to all matters of financial or emotional security/satisfaction. The Solstice energy is especially good for celebrating the security that you have, or how you might create even more.

  • Issues are increased or revisited: a past project, plan, idea, contact, meeting, choice, way to express your identity, opportunity to socialize
  • Focus on: earned money, emotional security, self-esteem, personal values, overall security


Mercury Rx backs into your sector or secrets, and as it meets the Sun, there may be a private “Ah-ha” moment or discovery of overlooked/forgotten information. Details that were by-passed the first time may reemerge; pay close attention to dreams or intuition. As the Sun enters your sign, you’ll receive a boost of energy and self- actualization. It’s your moment to focus on you and, along with Mercury’s tour of your hidden sector, you’re being urged to honour what you really want/think/feel. Grab a moment or two alone and tune into the quiet place within you.

  • Issues are increased or revisited: secrets, hints, gossip, overlooked/forgotten information, dreams, intuition, background projects or issues that you let slide
  • Focus on: you, public identity, personal goals, sense of purpose


Mercury Rx returns to your social sector. As it passes over the Sun, you may have another encounter with a key person, or several unexpected meetings. Everything to do with the public is now ripe for another look or a second chance. At the same time, others may come back to you with more questions or second thoughts. This can also be a time to reconsider your public/group image. Once the Sun (your ruler) enters your hidden sector, you may pull back or look more deeply at a private/overlooked issue. Combined with Mercury Rx, the overall theme is looking beyond what’s obvious.

  • Issues are increased or revisited: friends, groups, your place in the collective, public promotions, public relations
  • Focus on: secrets, overlooked issues, hints, dreams, private matters


Mercury Rx (your ruler) backs into your career sector. As it meets the Sun, there may be a key career connection/meeting or conversation with management that demands another look. You may get another chance at a job opening. All career matters are now in flux, so use this time to consider your options. However, final decisions may not be made until Mercury goes direct. Pay close attention to the details of any documents, emails or conversations; a misunderstanding or overlooked bit of information could have consequences for your career. As the Sun enters your social sector, the themes of group belonging and public image will become more prominent. The Solstice energy is excellent for celebrating friendships, or looking ahead to how you can live a certain dream/ideal, rather than just thinking about it.

  • Issues are increased or revisited: job searches, resumes, dealings with management, career choices, future goals, public status
  • Focus on: groups, friends, your place in the group, belonging/not belonging, social activities


Mercury Rx revisits your sector of opportunities. As it meets the Sun, watch for a communication with someone from a distance, or you may have to revise/revisit educational or legal plans/documents. Mercury Rx overall is excellent for getting back in touch with folks who live far away. As the Sun enters your career sector, the spotlight will turn to your current and future goals. Issues around public status and success may also be emphasized, as you celebrate your achievements or explore how you can create a career that reflects your personal needs. Solstice energy at the top of your chart is a powerful prompt to create your vision of success.

  • Issues are increased or revisited: long distance travel, education, legal matters, publishing, mentors/teachers
  • Focus on: career satisfaction, who you are as defined by what you do, ambition


Mercury Rx returns to your sector of shared resources, pushing you to look deeper or ask the uncomfortable questions. As it meets the Sun, watch for a specific financial or intimacy matter that demands your attention. You may revisit an intense conversation with your partner, or financial documents/investments may need a second look. There could also be a second chance around financial opportunities. As always with Mercury Rx, use extra caution when signing documents; double check all details and keep in mind that another shift may occur when Mercury goes direct. As the Sun enters your sector of opportunities, the spotlight will shift to what’s distant, new or better. The Solstice urges you to expand your horizons.

  • Issues are increased or revisited: debts, taxes, loans, your partner’s finances, investments, inheritances, emotional/physical intimacy
  • Focus on: long distance travel, education, legal matters, publishing, relocation


Mercury Rx backs into your relationship sector, churning up past relationship issues or conversations. As it meets the Sun, watch for a sudden clarification (via a past partner or within yourself). In a current relationship, there may be a change of plans or recycling of options. You or your partner may also feel the urge to confirm and reconfirm; information is still in flux, so allow everyone the space to mull over details. As the Sun enters your sector of shared resources, watch for financial and/or intimacy matters to be hi-lighted. It might be time to ask your partner the difficult questions about sex or money (or those questions may be directed at you). Alternatively, this Solstice could be a time enjoy the intimate connection you share with another. If intimacy is missing, use this energy to explore how you can create opportunities to merge with someone on a deeper level.

  • Issues are increased or revisited: partnership discussions, past partnership issues, exploring alternate choices
  • Focus on: debts, taxes, loans, your partner’s finances, inheritances, physical/emotional intimacy


Mercury Rx returns to your sector of routine, urging a second look at health or work matters. As it unites with the Sun, there may be a return to a sticky work problem,  health issue or obligation, but this time you’ll have a solution/diagnosis. In general, Mercury Rx in this sector is a good time to reshuffle priorities and ask more questions about medical issues. As the Sun enters your relationship sector, a partnership, the theme of partnership (or lack of it) in your life will be in the spotlight. It can be time to celebrate your union/commitment, or consider how you might draw a new relationship into your life.

  • Issues are increased or revisited: health, exercise, diet, routine, duties, co-worker relationships, clarifying tasks
  • Focus on: partnership (business or romantic)


Mercury Rx returns to your sector of self-expression, signalling the return to light flirtations or another look at a creative project. As it crosses paths with the Sun, you may hear from a past romantic interest or find yourself taking a second look at a piece of writing/promotion/performance that you had forgotten about. There may be a bit more juice in a past association or project. However, know that there is no guarantee of staying power; the purpose of this reconnect may simply be a reminder of why you’re moving forward. As the Sun enters your sector of routine, you’ll be looking at how you can adjust your daily work and/or health habits to bring maximum satisfaction. Little details and adjustments can have a major impact under this influence. Overall, the Solstice energy can be used to appreciate your health, or successful adjustments you've made in your daily life.

  • Issues are increased or revisited: a past romance/flirtation, forgotten artistic idea, revised creative choices
  • Focus on: health, diet, exercise, work, routine, duties, co-worker relationships


Mercury Rx backs into your domestic sector, turning your thoughts to the past and family issues. As it meets with the Sun, watch for a particular family discussion or issue with renovation/relocation to be reignited. Some details or documents may still need to be hammered out. As the Sun enters your sector of self-expression, you’ll become more focused on fun, celebration, pleasure or children. What you want for yourself (including attention or the achievement of a personal goal) will be hi-lighted. This energy is particularly auspicious for all matters related to pregnancy and childbirth.

  • Issues are increased or revisited: family discussions, details/documents around renovation, mortgages or rental agreements
  • Focus on: new romance, children/pregnancy, creative projects, performance, artistic success, celebrations, self-indulgence