Horoscopes for June 8th to June 15th


Neptune in Pisces stations retrograde on June 9th, intensifying the energy of dreams, empathy, intuition or ideals. What feels like a shift backwards is actually a reorientation towards clarification. This is a slow, subtle influence (Neptune’s reverse motion continues until November 16th). The Full Moon in Sagittarius (late June 12th or early June 13th, depending on your time zone) coincides with an opposition between Venus in Taurus and Saturn Rx in Scorpio. Both of these aspectsare culminations. The Full Moon brings results around ideals, information, truth/lies, or expansion. Venus/Saturn connects these results to money/security/self-esteem/love. Venus/Saturn can cement a commitment or ending, but this opposition’s positive aspect to Chiron (Wounded Healer) in Pisces points to the upside of Saturn’s responsibilities. Whether you encounter a commitment or restriction, the limits of your situation will provide a focus for healing or a calming anchor for fears/insecurities.

Some of you may be signing documents or giving official answers; keep in mind that Mercury is Rx. It's not always convenient to reschedule something for when Mercury goes direct, so make sure you double check facts/details and have a backup plan.


Neptune Rx in your hidden sector suggests a closer look at a dream/instinct that it’s time to release something, once and for all. The Full Moon in your sector of opportunities points to an official sign off, graduation or announcement (remember that Mercury is Rx and plan accordingly). Saturn Rx in your sector of shared resources opposes Venus in your personal resources sector, suggesting that finances and/or emotional stability will factor into this Full Moon. Not having enough (support, money, security) can be part of what ushers in a conclusion. Chiron in your hidden sector harmonizes with the Venus/Saturn opposition, indicating there’s more understanding or compassion (in this situation) than you realize. It may not hurt as much as you fear, or hard feelings dissolve unexpectedly.

  • Clarification: dreams, background potentials, endings, secrets
  • Culmination: long distance travel, education, legal matters, publishing
  • Awareness of limits/responsibilities: taxes, debts, loans, your partner’s finances, physical/emotional intimacy


Neptune Rx in your social sector suggests revisiting an ideal/wish around your place in collective. The Full Moon in your sector of shared resources brings a money and/or intimacy matter to a conclusion, while Venus (in your sign) and Saturn Rx (in your partnership sector) ties this in with a business or romantic relationship. It could be line-in-the sand time with one person. Who gives, who takes, and who can/cannot afford the price (or who’s willing to commit) will be issues. One person may want to go much deeper than the other or decide that this is a worthy investment. Chiron (in your social sector) suggests that going further together (or letting go)will be enabled by a big-picture view of what’s best for everyone.

  • Clarification:  friends, groups, public image, charity/volunteer work
  • Culmination: taxes, debts, loans, your partner’s finances, physical/emotional intimacy
  • Awareness of limits/responsibilities: partnerships (romantic or business)


Neptune Rx in your career sector can see you zeroing in on an elusive, vocational issue, or reconsidering a vague, big-picture issue with management. The Full Moon in your partnership sector brings a relationship to a head, while Venus (in your hidden sector) opposing Saturn Rx (in your sector of routine) suggests the focus will involve acknowledgment of duties and realties. Whether this is a business or romantic partnership, there will be a confrontation around what needs to be done, what’s been avoided and what can actually be accomplished. Health realities can also factor into this, as you or a partner are forced to find different ways ofdealing with work/stress issues (watch for a possible reveal of a health/addiction issue). Chiron in your career sector suggests focusing on the practical realties will anchor any anxiety-causing job issues in the here and now, and offer an immediate, effective approach. Mercury (your ruler) is Rx, so don't hesitate to push for added proof or information.

  • Clarification: vocation, public reputation, issues with management, job search
  • Culmination: partnerships (business or romantic)
  • Awareness of limits/responsibilities: health/stress issues, duties, obligations, work tasks, reality versus escapism


Neptune Rx in your opportunity sector may push the distant dream further away, but in reality you’re being asked to narrow your focus for increased effectiveness. The Full Moon in your sector of routine can bring a health/work issue to a turning point, and Venus (in your social sector) opposing Saturn Rx (in your sector of self-expression) ties this in with a creative/personal goal that’s been in the works for awhile. It may be time to get serious about what you want (personally/professionally) or confront the realities of a hopeful situation. You’ll know for sure if there’s more juice, or if it’s time to direct your efforts somewhere else. Chiron in your opportunity sector suggests that focusing on what you need to do, or what you need to let go of, can help with doubts about reaching further.

  • Clarification: long distance travel, education, legal matters, publishing
  • Culmination: health, duties, obligations, co-worker relationships
  • Awareness of limits/responsibilities: creative projects, new romance, children, pregnancy, self-promotion


Neptune Rx in your sector of shared resources can trigger second thoughts or dawning awareness to a financial/intimacy matter. A change in approach (regarding boundaries/openness) may be called for. The Full Moon in your sector of self-expression can bring a creative or romantic issue to a turning point. Venus (in your career sector) opposing Saturn Rx (in your domestic sector) connects this to work and family. A major, creative/promotional breakthrough, relationship issue or event concerning children could impact your public reputation and/or career path. If one door opens or closes, rest assured that this has been in the works for awhile. You can cement something publicly, or confirm a success/coup/triumphant moment. Chiron in your sector of shared resources points to healing or empathy on an intimate level (no matter what the outcome) if you’re willing to dig into your past/family history.

  • Clarification: debts, taxes, loans, your partner’s finances, physical/emotional intimacy
  • Culmination: creative project, new romance, children, pregnancy, public recognition
  • Awareness of limits/responsibilities: home, family, the past, relocation


Neptune Rx in your partnership sector can signal a gradual shift in plans or promises. This doesn’t mean something’s over, but reconsideration is called for. A dream or ideal may be need closer examination. The Full Moon in your domestic sector brings a family/partnership matter to a head, and Venus (in your sector of opportunities) opposing Saturn Rx (in your communication sector) ties this in with official documents or plans. A domestic/legal issue may be finalized, or domestic plans may be discarded. It could be time to give a definitive answer, whether that’s yes or no. Having said that, remember that Mercury (your ruler) is currently Rx. If you are signing a document, double and triple check all details.

  • Clarification: partnership issues/ideals/hopes (romantic or business)
  • Culmination: family relationships, relocation, home business, mortgage, rental agreements
  • Awareness of limits/responsibilities: communication, delivery of information, signing documents, answers


Neptune Rx in your sector of routine indicates a gradual search for answers around an uncertain health issue or a change in attitude about your obligations. Keeping in mind that Mercury is Rx, the Full Moon in your communication sector can indicate a turning point conversation, answer or revelation (watch for conclusions involving siblings as well). Your ruler Venus (in yoursector of shared resources) opposes Saturn Rx (in your sector of personal resources) suggesting that confrontations around your limited resources, a need to budget or a push to become more self-sufficient will factor into this Full Moon. There could be a financial or emotional commitment, or a turning point in your personal quest for resilience. Harmonious contacts with Chiron (in your sector of routine) suggest that your focus and willingness to make do with less can benefit your health, energy level and ability to tackle frustrating tasks.

  • Clarification: health, exercise, diet, work tasks, co-worker relationships, obligations
  • Culmination: messages, documents, conversations, announcements, answers, issues with siblings
  • Awareness of limits/responsibilities: budgets, debts, earned money, personal security, self-esteem


Neptune Rx in your sector of self-expression can signal a deeper commitment to a dream or realignment of priorities around a personal desire/romantic connection. The Full Moon in your sector of personal resources brings an issue around earned money or personal satisfaction to a head. Venus (in your relationship sector) opposing Saturn Rx (in your sign) connects this Moon to the themes of personal authority/responsibility/control in a significant partnership. You can call the shots around a commitment, ending or boundary; just remember what Saturn has taught you so far about taking responsibility for your needs. The positive connections to Chiron (in your sector of self-expression) indicate that honouring your responsibilities (to yourself or another) can help ease doubts around a creative or personal desire. Saturn’s focuscan help confirm what you’ve been reaching for (increased recognition, efforts involving children) or strengthen your resolve to manifest what matters to you.

  • Clarification: performance, creative efforts, new romance, children, pregnancy
  • Culmination: earned money, emotional security, self-esteem
  • Awareness of limits/responsibilities: personal boundaries and authority in relationships


Neptune Rx in your domestic sector can mark a dip into the past/childhood issues, for the purpose of finding and releasing what’s been draining you. The Full Moon in your sign can signal a personal, professional or romantic turning point, and Venus (in your sector of routine) opposing Saturn Rx (in your hidden sector) mixes in a final ending or release (even if it happens on an internal level). Letting go of what ended a while ago can help you re-commit to a health/exercise routine, or simply make your day to day interactions that much easier. Chiron (in your domestic sector) in positive aspect to Venus/Saturn indicate that what you let go of in the present, can have a deeper impact on past issues. This is a release on all levels.

  • Clarification: past, domestic/family/childhood issues
  • Culmination: relationships, personal identity, physical appearance
  • Awareness of limits/responsibilities: releasing what’s already over


Neptune Rx in your communication sector can trigger a gradual shift in ideas, perception or how you’ve been expressing yourself. The Full Moon in your hidden sector signals a reveal, and Venus (in your sector of self-expression) opposing Saturn Rx (your ruler in your social sector) connects it to a social or professional boundary/result. A creative/romantic breakthrough is possible, in the guise of something you want very much. Then again, you may see exactly what the limits are around a desired objective. Whatever has been denied or held back will play an important role. Chiron (in your communication sector) in positive aspect to Saturn/Venus points to empathetic conversations as part of the package; no matter what the outcome, you can talk it out or be heard. The Big Reveal does not have to be painful, no matter what you learn.

  • Clarification: ideas, communication, issues with siblings
  • Culmination: secrets, background potentials, unacknowledged issues
  • Awareness of limits/responsibilities: public reputation, social goals, the support of friends/groups


Neptune Rx in your security sector sees you revisiting an approach around how much you need (financially or emotionally) to make you happy. The Full Moon in your social sector can bring an issue with friends/groups/public image to a culmination, while Venus (in your domestic sector) opposing Saturn Rx (in your career sector) mixes in the themes of professional accomplishment, relocation or a domestic milestone. A home business/freelance career can gain traction. Or, you can encounter the results of public efforts/actions/restrictions. What you’ve put out will now come full circle, and Chiron (in your security sector) aspecting Venus/Saturn points to selective pruning of old attachments (emotional or material).

  • Clarification: earned money, emotional security, self-esteem
  • Culmination: friends, groups, public image, public promotion
  • Awareness of limits/responsibilities: career, future goals, ambitions, public status


Neptune Rx in your sign creates a subtle shift in your Big Dream or new phase; before youkeep moving forward, you need to ensure that you’ve purged yourself of unproductive doubts, fears and habits. The Full Moon in your career sector can mark a job change (beginning/ending) breakthrough or finalization of a career goal. Venus ( in your communication sector) opposing Saturn Rx (in your opportunities sector) factors in an official announcement, decision, or involvement with a mentor/teacher. You may see results in the form of a graduation, or discover that you can’t progress any further without certain credentials. Chiron in your sign suggests that a significant breakthrough around confidence, healing (emotional or physical) or vulnerability is part of the package. Some of you may achieve a career/educational millstone involving healing/teaching.

  • Clarification: dreams, purpose, new life phase
  • Culmination: career, future goals, public status
  • Awareness of limits/responsibilities: long distance travel, education, mentoring, publishing, legal matters