More Changes to Email Subscriptions

Here we go again... You may or may not be aware, but as of July 1st, Canada will be enacting a tough anti-spam law which enforces some rather stringent rules for how businesses (like myself) obtain consent from people (like you) for email lists. Turns out the Wordpress subscription system I enabled is not covering all the bases.

I need to switch to another system that's compliant with these tougher regulations, and while I would love to simply transfer everyone over, I need to get everyone's express consent for the new system. This means I have to unsubscribe you all from the current system, and then you'll need to subscribe again to the new service (if you want to, that is). I know this is a pain, and I'm sorry. But the new law caught me off guard. Ironically, it's in place to protect all of you against spam.

So, in a few minutes I'll be shutting the Wordpress subscription system down. I'll then implement another sign up form for a system called Mail Chimp (I'll let you know when it's in place). It will be located right below the Current Moon Phase Widget on the lower, right side of every page. It's free, I won't share your info with anyone, and you'll have to confirm your email address once you receive your email.

On the bright side, if you choose to subscribe again, you can rest assured that you'll be protected by some serious anti-spam rules.

Thanks for your patience.